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International Chair: Jill Diamond


January 12th - Thailand - National Day of the Child (General Kovid)
January 17th - Mexico City - Donation of Boxing Equipment to Shelter
January 20th - Mexico City - Jose Sulaiman Charity Race
January 24th - LV, Nv - Ladies of Legacy
January - UK - Adaptive Boxing Program (ongoing)
January 29th Thailand - Meet the Heroes
February 5th - Phillipines - Feeding the Hungry (Galilee Home for Aged)
February 7th - Fresno, Ca - Pediatric Oncology Ward KO Cancer Campaign (Jose Ramirez)
February 9th - Mexico City - Donation of Gym Equipment (Casa Hoga)
February 10th - Fresno, Ca - Presentation of Belt KO Cancer to Highest Bider
February 15th - Bangkok, Thailand - Juvenile Offenders Skill Center
February 14th - Washington DC - Jack Johnson Exhibit/Black History Month
February 15th - Bangkok, Thailand - Juvenile Offenders Skill Center
February 22nd - Rhode Island - Legends of Olympics
Febraury - March - Mexico City - #CasaComun and Mexico Scouts Program
February 22nd - Mexico City - Citizens Schools Program
February 24th - LV, Nv- Ladies of Legacy
March 1st - Las Vegas, Nv - Career Employment Day 
March 1st - Oxnard, Ca - Reading Across America
March 1st - Philadelphia, PA - Reading Across America
March 4th - Austin, Texas - Establishment of Ring Amateurs
March 5th - Austin, Texas - Visit to Pediatric Ward 
March 5th - Mexico City - State of Mexican Citizenship through Student Art
March 15th - NYC - NY Fire/Police Department Boxing Team
March 24th - LV, Nv - Ladies of Legacy
March 26th - Jupiter, Fl -  Tikvah Foundation
April 2nd - NYC - Garden of Dreams
April 2nd - Global - Autism Research and Education
April 6th - Global - Peace and Sports Celebration
April 9th - Mexico City - Día Internacional del Deporte por el Desarrollo y la Paz

April 10th - Long Island, NY - Autism Awareness Donations to Fire Department Families (Chaz Palmeri)
April 13th - LA, Ca - Autism Speaks Gala (Champions)
April 13th - AC, NJ - Donation of Tickets (PAL)
April 24th - LV, Nv - Ladies of Legacy
April 25th - Kingsville, Tx - Lil Oscar's Scholarship Day
April 25th - Brooklyn, NY - Smile Foundation
April 28th - Montebello, Ca - National Boxing Hall of Fame
April 28th - NYC - New York Boxing Hall of Fame
April29th - San Simon, Cuauhtemoc - Visit to Hospital  Pediatrico de Peralvillo
May 3rd - Las Vegas, Nv - Hublot Fundraiser for Jose Sulaiman Fund fo Boxers
May 4th - Las Vegas, NV - Boxing Expo
May 5th - Hamburg, Germany - Food Kitchen
May 6th - NYC - NYAC Boxing Team Ticket Giveaways
May 8th - NYC - Meet/Greet w/Gerry Cooney
May 8th - Riverdale, Ca - Val Verde High School (Champions)
May 9th - Brooklyn, NY - Cops and Kids
May 10th - Lansing, Mi - Donation to LYO Foundation
May 11th - Brooklyn, NY - Give a Kid a Dream Foundation
May 14th - NYC - Eagle Academy for Young Men
May 15th - NYC - Veteran's Hosptial
May 18th - Barclays Center, NY - Honoring Survivors of the Badge, Fallen Heroes
May 19th - Mexico City - Visit/Donation to Fundacion de Ayuda
May 22nd - LA, Ca - Jr Diabetes Foundation/Ray Leonard
May 23rd - Hamburg Germany - Food Kitchen
May 30th - Mexico City - Hospital Pediatrico Moctezuma
June 1st - Providence, RI - Marie Elementary SchololAnti Bullying (Michael Valentin)
June 2nd - San Juan, PR - Race for Children (Champions)
June 3rd - Burbank, Ca - Oscar De La Hoya Golf Tournament
June 14th - Harlem, NY - Scholars Circle at Eagles Academy
June16th - Flint, Mi - Donation of 2000 Gallons of Milk
June 15th - San Simeon, Mexico - Boxers  Houses of Less Fourtunate
June 21st - AC, NJ - ACBHOF
June 27th - Las Vegas, NV - Devon Haney Feed the Homeless
June 28th - Moscow, Rs - World Boxing Cares Youth Thailand
June 29th - Paris - World Wildlife Fund
July 2nd - Marseille - Marseille Cares 
July 13th - Charlotteville, WV - Donation of goods to Elk RIver Youth Boxing