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International Chair: Jill Diamond


January 12th - Thailand - National Day of the Child (General Kovid)
January 17th - Mexico City - Donation of Boxing Equipment to Shelter
January 20th - Mexico City - Jose Sulaiman Charity Race
January 24th - Las Vegas, Nv - Ladies of Legacy
January - UK - Adaptive Boxing Program (ongoing)
January 29th Thailand - Meet the Heroes
February 5th - Philippines - Feeding the Hungry (Galilee Home for Aged)
February 7th - Fresno, Ca - Pediatric Oncology Ward KO Cancer Campaign (Jose Ramirez)
February 9th - Mexico City - Donation of Gym Equipment (Casa Hoga)
February 10th - Fresno, Ca - Presentation of Belt KO Cancer to Highest Bidder
February 15th - Bangkok, Thailand - Juvenile Offenders Skill Center
February 14th - Washington DC - Jack Johnson Exhibit/Black History Month
February 15th - Bangkok, Thailand - Juvenile Offenders Skill Center
February 22nd - Rhode Island - Legends of Olympics
February - March - Mexico City - #CasaComun and Mexico Scouts Program
February 22nd - Mexico City - Citizens Schools Program
February 24th - Las Vegas, Nv- Ladies of Legacy
March 1st - Las Vegas, Nv - Career Employment Day 
March 1st - Oxnard, Ca - Reading Across America
March 1st - Philadelphia, PA - Reading Across America
March 4th - Austin, Texas - Establishment of Ring Amateurs
March 5th - Austin, Texas - Visit to Pediatric Ward 
March 5th - Mexico City - State of Mexican Citizenship through Student Art
March 15th - NYC - NY Fire/Police Department Boxing Team
March 24th - Las Vegas, Nv - Ladies of Legacy
March 26th - Jupiter, Fl -  Tikvah Foundation
April 2nd - NYC - Garden of Dreams
April 2nd - Global - Autism Research and Education
April 6th - Global - Peace and Sports Celebration
April 9th - Mexico City - Día Internacional del Deporte por el Desarrollo y la Paz

April 10th - Long Island, NY - Autism Awareness Donations to Fire Department Families (Chaz Palmeri)
April 13th - LA, Ca - Autism Speaks Gala (Champions)
April 13th - AC, NJ - Donation of Tickets (PAL)
April 24th - Las Vegas, Nv - Ladies of Legacy
April 25th - Kingsville, Tx - Lil Oscar's Scholarship Day
April 25th - Brooklyn, NY - Smile Foundation
April 28th - Montebello, Ca - National Boxing Hall of Fame
April 28th - NYC - New York Boxing Hall of Fame
April 29th - San Simon, Cuauhtemoc - Visit to Hospital  Pediatrico de Peralvillo
May 3rd - Las Vegas, Nv - Hublot Fundraiser for Jose Sulaiman Fund fo Boxers
May 4th - Las Vegas, NV - Boxing Expo
May 5th - Hamburg, Germany - Food Kitchen
May 6th - NYC - NYAC Boxing Team Ticket Giveaways
May 8th - NYC - Meet/Greet w/Gerry Cooney
May 8th - Riverside, Ca - Val Verde High School (Champions)
May 9th - Brooklyn, NY - Cops and Kids
May 10th - Lansing, Mi - Donation to LYO Foundation
May 11th - Brooklyn, NY - Give a Kid a Dream Foundation
May 14th - NYC - Eagle Academy for Young Men
May 15th - NYC - Veteran's Hospital
May 18th - Barclays Center, NY - Honoring Survivors of the Badge, Fallen Heroes
May 19th - Mexico City - Visit/Donation to Fundacion de Ayuda
May 22nd - LA, Ca - Jr Diabetes Foundation/Ray Leonard
May 23rd - Hamburg Germany - Food Kitchen
May 30th - Mexico City - Hospital Pediatrico Moctezuma
June 1st - Providence, RI - Marie Elementary SchololAnti Bullying (Michael Valentin)
June 2nd - San Juan, PR - Race for Children (Champions)
June 3rd - Burbank, Ca - Oscar De La Hoya Golf Tournament
June 14th - Harlem, NY - Scholars Circle at Eagles Academy
June 16th - Flint, Mi - Donation of 2000 Gallons of Milk
June 15th - San Simeon, Mexico - Boxers  Houses of Less Fourtunate
June 18th - Washington, DC - Meeting with White House Chaplain (Scholas)
June 21st - AC, NJ - ACBHOF
June 22nd - Edmonton, Canada - Youth Day with SheIs
June 27th - Las Vegas, NV - Devon Haney Feed the Homeless
June 28th - Moscow, Rs - World Boxing Cares Youth Thailand
June 29th - Paris - World Wildlife Fund
July 2nd - Marseille - Marseille Cares Formed
July 4th - Kingsville, Texas - Open Gym for Youth (Oscar Cantu)
July 10th - San Fran, Ca. -  Feeding Senior Homeless at Shelter (Devin Haney)
July 13th - Charloteville, WV - Donation of goods to Elk River Youth Boxing
July 25th - Australia - Anti Bullying Campaign (Amb.Charlie Hall)
Aug 2-4 - Ontario, Ca - WBC Cares/SugarBert Tournament
August 10th - LasVegas, Nv - NVBHOF
August 23rd - Mexico City - Childrens Hospital of Sonora (Juan Franciusco Estrada)
August 20th - LA, Ca - Rock School Gym (David Benavidez)
August 24th - Australia - 100 Rounds (Amb. Sharon Anyos: Care 's Parkinson Program)
September 20th - Chicago, Ill - 2N1Dream
Septemeber 22nd - Houston, Tx - Hope Rising
September - Dallas, Tx - Glow Fundraiser On Line
September 25th - NYC - Eagle Academy Mentor Program
September 26th - NYC - Ump Cares/WBC Cares
September 28th - Toronto -  Eddie Melo Foundation
October 7th- Phillipines - Home for Aged Center Food Drive
October 16th - Mexico City - Foundacion CIO
October 19th - Cancun - WBC Cares Golf Tournament
October 22nd - Cancun - WBC Cares Visit Hospital General Cancu
October 26th - Brook Park, Ohio - Lake Erie Scholarship Fun
October 26th - SM, Ca - SisterhoodLA  (Brest Cancer Awareness)
October 31st - LA, Ca - Red Ribbon
November 5th - Flint, Mi - SheIs
November 5th - Philly - Russel Peltz Gala
November 11th - LA, Ca - Veterans Day Parade
November 11th - NYC - Veterans Parade
November 22nd - LV, Nv - Hospital Visit with Champs
November 16th - Georgia - Fight For Hunger
November 17th - Shanghai, China - Visti/Supplies to Baby Orphanage
November 21st - Houston, Tx- Hope Rising
November 25th - LA, Ca - Food for the Hungry
December 2nd - Baja - Anti Bullying Motivational
December 7th - Phillipines - Home for the Aged Food Project
December 12th - Veteran Boxers Buffalo Christmas Giveaways
December 12th - Toronto, Ca - Xmas for Youth Party Giveaways
December 13th - Lake Geneva, La - USA Boxing Alumni Gala
December 15th - Ensanada - El Refugio
December 15th - Ensanada - El reino de los ninos
December 19th - Ontario, Ca - Warriors Bopxing Academy Visit (Tony Harrison)
December 21st - Ontario, Ca - Fight Tickets to Veterans



January 1st - San Diego, Ca - Ryan Garcia Surprises Military Family
January 3rd - Dubai - Boxing Classes for Refugees (Scott Welsch)
January 7th - Minn, Minnisota - Lucy Laney Elementary Award
January 10th - AC, New Jersey - Fight Tickets for PAL
January 12th - Toronto,Ca - George Chuvalo School Program
January 22nd -Puerto Rico -  Earthquake Relief - 1000 Meals by Cares PR
January 30th - NYC - Global Citizens 
February 5th - UK - Fes Baptiste Motivational School Tour
February 5th - Toronto, Ca - Eddie Melo Legacy KO Bullying
February 7th - Brownsville, Tx - Tim Tebow Foundation
February 8th - Cincinnatti, Ohio -  Punching for Peace
february 8th - Minnisota- Lucy Laney Academy Donations
February 9th -NYC - Cancerland Award
February 11th- Brighton/Hove, UK - Adaptive Workshop
February 13th - NYC - Battle of the Badge (NYFD)
February 14th - Freeport, NY - Opening of Gym (Patrick Day)
February 16th - Nova Scotia, Ca - Donation to Thunder Gym of Funds/Gear
February 19th - LV, Nv - Richard Steeles Boys and Girls Club
February 20th - LV, Nv  - Cure for Kids FOundation
February 27th - Mexico City - Sports Summit
February 28th- Brownsville, Tx -  Charro Days Parade
Februry 29th - Alberta, Ca - Parkinson Association
Marcfh 10th - UK - TGhis is Boxing
March 28th - Bourmouth, UK - Adaptive Boxing Showcase
March 31st - NYC - Boxing Down Barriers w/Eagle Academy
April 2 - UK -  Leicester Cobras Wheelchair Basketball team
May 8th - UK - Scarfell Pike Hike
March 9th - Las Vegas, Nv - Run for Fitness 
March 8th - Global - Women's Day with SheIS
March 8th - Mexico City - Women's Day Celebration with Champions
March 11th - Nicaragua - Donation to Gym (Rodendo Alvarez)
March 13th- NYC - Battleof the Badge
March 14th- Freeport, NY - Opening of Gym in honor of Patrick Day
March 23rd - Global - WBC Talks  
April 11th - Brooklyn, NY - Women's Self Defense Day at Gleasons
April 22nd - Florida - American Suicidology Summit (Frist Sports Panel)
June 13th - Austrailia - Team Unbreakable for Breast Cancer Research
Donations to the Rehabilitation Center in Nicaragua

Suleiman Awards to three inspirational winners.

September Observance of Alzheimer's Research and Suicide Prevention
October Osbervation oif Breast Cancer Awarenss
The World Boxing Council is sponsoring WBC Heroes for Humanity and Mexico Heroes for Humantiy (with SCHOLAS)

They are distributing funds to food pantries world wide and provide assistance to people in theng communiy who are stranded, in need and have medical emergencies.

They have United for Peace and joined with many like minded organizations during the Pandemic to help others and to use their platform to work against racial prejudice and discrimination.

Funds collected and sent to Lebanon.

Two new Anti-bullying Ambasssadors : Joseph Brown (Canada) and Lil Savage, USA

Campaign to open a Retired Boxer's Home in the UK

Sugar Ray Leonard auction for Juvinile Diabetes

Chesa,  Mexican Champions teaching business skills to the disadvantaged.

Japan Chapter of Cares is formed (events set for October/November)

Seminars on safety by WBC Youth Cares

Teaching Youth Boxval at the Marseilles Gym

Canada Chapter formed

Partnership with Suicidological Association

Partnership with FeetFirst

AAIB on line Auction for Education of Athletes

Many individual and joint actions to help those suffering from the effecfs of Covid.

Meanwhile, we continue with all our monthly and specific campaigns around the world, emphasizing Mental Well-being and BoxVal (boxing with values).