Past Years


January 2nd - Laila Ali Foundation - Global - Supported by WBC
January 10th - Tokyo, Japan - 20 tickets for Senior Citizens to Matches
January 11th - Miami, Fl - Donations to Shriner's Hospital per Miami Dolphins
January 12th - Thailand - Day of Children Celebration (Kiate Sirigul, General Kovid)
January 14th - Bangkok, Thailand - National Children's Day (General Kovid, Kiate Sirigul
January 14th - LA, Ca - MLK Parade w/Henry Armstrong Foundation, WBC Cares, 20 WBC Officials & Champions)
January 19th - Mexico City - Fundraiser for Isabella
January 22nd - Mexico City - Don Jose Sulaiman Race (For Boxer's Pension Fund)
January 27th - Mexico City - Visit And Funds for Isabella
February 2nd - Mexico City - Inspirational Videos for Casa Del Amistad (Johnny Gonzales, Pipino Cuervas)
February 5th - NYC, NY - Tribute to Ali (UN)
February 6th - NYC, NY - NY Daily News Golden Gloves supported by WBC
February 7th - Mexico City - Videos and Visits - Hospital de Pachuca Pediatric Oncology
February 11th - LA, Ca - Leo Santa Cruz Raffle for Cares + Los Padres Conra El Cancer
February 10th - Colorado, US - Humanitarian awards to Stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone, WBC Cares
February – UK - White Collar Charityt Boixng for Homeless
February 18th - Texas, US - Paulie Ayala's Punch Out Parkinson (Deb Hawkins, MarYum Ali)
February 23rd - NYC, NY - Anti Bullying + Diversity Panel at Success Academy (Rosie Perez, Nabate Isles, Michael Olijade, jr. Melissa st Vil, Alicia Ashley, Alicia Napoleon, Mike Reno, Iran Barkley, Tony Giradina, Brian Adams, Jose Guzman, Henry DeLeon, Mercedez Vasquez, Harvey Dock, Sparkle Lee, Etan Thomas, Ronica Jeffrey)
March 2nd - Mexico City - Fund Raiser and PT for Juan Carlos's Cancer Treatments
March 2nd - Texas, US - Dr Seuss Day (Jamie Cantu)
March 2nd - Louisiana, US - Supporting Louisiana Amateur Tournament and National Championship Tournament (Beau Williford)
March 2nd - Oxnard, Ca - Dr Seuss Day at Elm St School (Shannon Gilman, Francisco Santana, Crystal Morales, Nancy Rodriguez, Chloe Giman)
March 4th - Mexico City - Carlos Zapatos Motivational Tour (Anti Drugs and Depression)
March 2nd - Las Vegas, NV - Dr Seuss Day (Laura Serrano)
March 5th - Jonesboro, Ga - Young Glovez Boxing Gym & Youth Center
March 11th - NYC, NY - Supporting Battle of the Badge
March 12th - Las Vegas, NV - Floyd Mayweather's Fight-4-Fitness (Jessie Vargas, Layla McCarter, Badou Jack, Shannon GIlman, Chloe Gilman, Chop Chop Corley, WBC Champions Team)
March 15th - NYC - Urban Art League Fund Raiser
March 16th - NYC - BWAA
March 18th –MSG, NYC – Tickets for GGG Fight (K2)
April 1st – Mexico City - Hospital Pediátrico de Tacubaya, en el marco de la función del Zócalo (Armando Ahued, Secretario de Salud de la Ciudad de México,Chris Manzur,Mauricio Sulaimán, Campeons)
April 4th- México City - Hospital Infantil Federico Gomez (Hijo de Santo)
April 6th - Mexico City - Sports and Peace Summit
April 15th - LA, Ca - Newton Police Activities - Anti Bullying Forum (Israel Vasquez)
April 22nd - Boston, Mass - CHARMED Benefit for Pediatric illnesses
April 16th - UCLA/NY - BrainSport Conference for Fundraiser
April 19th - LA, Ca - Valley Verde High School (Mo Noor, Nazia Noor, Mikey Garcia, Crystal Morales)
April 29th - LA, Ca - Butterfly Ball
April 29th – NBHOF – WBC Support
May - Global 0 Dedication of May as Mental Health Awareness Mont (US Congressional Mental Health Task Force and Anti Teen Suicide Squad)
May 2nd - Oakland, Ca -  Youth Strengthening - Anti Violence Fundraiser (Maureen Shea)
May 4th - Georgia - WBC Amateur Torunament w/YoungGunz
May 5th - Germany - Victory Day Celebration (Irene Kostenko)
May 19th - UK – Anti Bullying (Motivational Speaker Fes Batista)
May 24th - LA, Ca - Sugar Ray Leonard's Juvenile Diabetes Fund Raiser
May 27th - Las Vegas, NV - Anti Violence + Abuse Kick-off (Teresa Tapia, Christy Martin)
May 24th - LA, Ca - Sugar Ray Leonard's Juvenile Diabetes Fund Raiser
May 27th - Las Vegas, NV - Anti Violence + Abuse Kick-off (Teresa Tapia, Christy Martin)
May 27th - Texas, US - Amateur Awards - Luis Escalona
May 27th - Atlantic City - Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame
June - Global - Dedication of June as Ali Month
June 1st - Barstow, Ca - Barstow Veteran's Center (Gerald Washington, Maricela Cornejo, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.,Ryan Garcia,Ronny Rios, Jose Ramirez Jr., Nancy Rodriquez 
June - Burbank, Ca - Oscar De La Hoya's Fund Raiser for Women's Breast Cancer Research
June 8th - Rome, Italy - Presentation to SCHOLAS and Pope Francis (Sulaiman Family)
une 9th - Los Angeles - Green Belt Challenge 
June 9th - Canastota, NY - IBHOF
June 9th - Russia - Financial Aide to Eddy Gutknec (Irene Kostenko)
June 9th - UK - SAS Charity for We Love Manchester Charity And Children of Manchester Charity. (WBC Cares UK)
June 10th - Hamburg, Germany - Russian Federation of Hamburg Charity Dinner
June 14th - UK - Presentation of Belt to Billy Monger for Bravery (Scott Welch, Mauricio Sulaiman)
June 14th - Vatican City - Appointment of BoxVal & SCHOLAS (Sulaiman Family, Pope Francis)
June 23rd - Louisville, Kay - Norton Hospital/Frazier Children's Hospital (Evander Holyfield, RealDeal Promotions)
June 24th - Ky, La - Tribute and Fights at the Ali Center
June 30th - San Diego, Ca. - Auction for Hope for Henry (NABF)
July 1st - Estados de Mexico - Pediatric Burn Victims: Glove signing & Amateur Fight - (Humberto Gonzales, Jessica Gonzalez, Ibeth Zamora, Esmeralda Moreno, Guadalope Martinez, Juan Hernandez)
July 1st - LV, Nv - WBC Amateur Challenge 
July 4th - UK - Medal of Courage for Tony Davies and Lord Davis (WBC CARES UK)
July 5th - Nicaragua - Donation of Equipment to Local Gyms (Tito Gonzalez, Carlos Cuadras, Bizmark Morales)
July 7th - Mexico City - Dedication of Gym and Planting of Olive Tree for SCHOLAS
July 8th - Texas - Kingsville Boxing Gym Family Day (Cantu Family)
July 16th - Las Vegas - Fund Raiser for Pediatric Cancers (Mikey Garcia)
July 22nd - UK - WBC Cares Fight Night (WBC Cares UK, Pure warriors)
July 22nd - Colorado, USA - Bowling Fundraiser (Stephen Blea, Alex Ramos)
July 23rd - Lansing, Mi - Men Making A Difference (Lansing Spartan Youth Group)
July 23rd - TJ - Visit to Pediatric Ward  (Vasquez Family)
July 25th - Lansing, Mi - Lansing Sparton Youth Center Father's Day Picnic (Kolmarge Harris)
July  26th - NYC - Beyond Sports Global Awards
July 27th - NYC - Beyond Sport United - Summit for Social Change
July 29th - New Jersey - AAIB Golf Tournamnent - Boxers College Fund
July 29th - Fund Raiser for Danel Franco (Supreme Boxing)
July 30th -  Louisville, KY -  Appointing of Carlos Dixon as KY Cares Ambassador
July 30th -  Bangok - Rumsai Medical Rescue (Srisiket, Kiate Sirigul)
July 31st -   Kingsville, Tx - Fight Against Hunger (Jamie Cantu)
August 4th - NYC - Heroes on the Hudson (Wounded War Veterans, Real Deal)
August 9th - Las Vegas - NBHOF
August 11th - UK - Anti Bullying Campaing in UK Schools (Fes Baptiste)
August 19th - Mexico City - Publishing Book for Disabled
August 19th - Omaha, Nabraska - Support of Jackson Boxing Gym's Programs
August 20th - Mexico City - Visit to INP (Pipino Cuevas, Chiquita Gonzales, Zulina Munoz, Irma Garcia)
August 23rd - Kingville, Tx - Free Boxing Clinic (Cantu Family + Champions)
August 24th - Washington, DC - Hope for Henry (Russell Family, Demarcus Corely)
August 28th - Mexico City - WBC Cares Golf Tournament
August 31st, LV, Nv - Sunrise Children Hospital (Caleb Plant)
September 2nd - NYC - Ayaden Strong Foundation (Staten Island Yankees, Champions)
September 16th - Las Vegas - Raging Babes Fund Raiser for Prichard Colon
September 18th- NYC -  Soup Kitchen (w/Real Deal Promotions)
October 12th- NYC - After School All Stars
October 21st - LA, Ca - walk From Darkness/Teen Suicide Prevention (Sergio Estrada, Mo Noor, Captains)
November 17th - Beyond Sports Mexico


  • December 16th - Miami, Florida - PAL Opening (HOC, Maureen Shea)
  • December 14th - Hollywood, Florida - Children's Hospital
  • December 13th - Hollywood, Florida - El Saber es Poder Foundation (Mia st John)
  • December 13th - Miami Florida - Mid School Panel; #endthestigma
  • December 13th - Miami, Florida - Joe DiMaggio Hospital for CHildren
  • December 10th - Hollywood, Fl - Tribute to ALI75
  • December 2nd  - LA,  Ca - Children's Hospital (Mo Noor, Robert DIAZ, GB Champs)
  • November 19th - LA, Ca - Adrian Gonzalez Bat4Hope - (Mari Cornejo, Leo SantaCruz)
  • November 19th - Boston, Mass - CHARMED (Ajay Mehra)
  • November 12th - Manila, Philippenes - Feeding The Aged (Sifu Robert Bridges, the Lola Family)
  • Novemeber 9th - Chihuahua, Mexico - 120 Blankets (Cares, Lebanese Embassy)
  • November 7th - Chicago, Ill - Shriner's Hospital (2C1D)
  • November 5th - Dallas, Texas - Parkinson Walk (Deb Hawkins, Paulie & Lettie Ayala)
  • November 5th - Chicago, Ill -  Feed The Starving Children (2C1D)
  • Novmenber 1st - Mexico, City - Comedor Santa Maria  (Chris Manzur)
  • November 1st - Boston, Mass - Pedro Martinez Foundation
  • October 26th - LA, Ca - Torrence Elementary Panel on Health (Nancy Rodriguez, Leo Santa Cruz, Daniel Valdivida, Daniel Ponce DeLeon, Mari Cornejo, Mo Noor)
  • October 25th - Brooklyn, NY - WBC Retirement Fund (Gleason's Gym, Ernie Shavers, George Chuvalo, Evander Hollyfield, Alcia Napoleon, Yuri Foreman, Ronica Jeffrey, Melissa StVil, Sonya Lamonikis, Iran Barkley, Jr. Jones, Mauricio Sulaiman, Salvador Briman, Mark Breland, Heather Hardy, Randy Gordon, Gerry Cooney, Keisha McLeod, Jill Diamond, Lonnie Ali....)
  • Ocotber 22nd - Oxnard, Ca. - Punch Out - Domestic Violence (Maureen Shea, Mo Noor)
  • October 19th - North Carolina -  School Supplies (Pink Promotions, Christy Martin, Stamney Family)
  • October 15th - Hartford, Ct - Willie Pep Amateur Tournament
  • October 11th - Mexico City - Auction for Isabella's Cancer Treatment
  • October 9th - Mexico - Pantelhó, Mitonic, Muquem y Chalchihuitán (Chris Manzur, Hector Sulaiman)
  • October 9th - Mexico City - Donation of blankets to communities in Chiapas
  • October 9th - Chicago, Ill - 2NID Program (Mauricio Sulaiman, Boby Hitz, Carlos Macias, Claudia Massieu, Erik Morales, David Diaz, Carlos Zarate, Humberto Garcia, Carlos Cuadros, Montell Griffin, Adrian Granados, Fres Oquando)
  • October 9/10 - New Jersey - AAIB Golf Tournament (Melvina Lathan, Suzan Clasen)
  • October 4th - Ghana - Give to Eat Mission (Ikram Kerwat)
  • October 1st - Flint, Michigan - Fight For Flint (Tommy Hearns, Jackie Kallen, Anthony Dirrell, Andre Dirrell, Jill Dimaond, Alicia Ashley, Fatuma Zarika, Tim White, Cahtolic Charities, Roy Foreman, Don Elbaum)
  • September 17th - Dallas, Tx -  Anniversary of Hearns/Leonard Fight (Michelle Corrales, Deborah Hawkins)
  • September 10th - Inglewood, Ca - KO Provides Tickets for the Police Forece to the Fight (Tom Loeffler)
  • September 9th - UK - Launch of WBC Cares UK (David walker, Scott Welsh)
  • August 20th - Atlantic City, NJ - Leavander Johnson Amateur Tournament (ACPAL)
  • August 15th - NYC - Sportscene Children's Foundation) (Boyd Melson)
  • August 13th - UK - Julia's House Children's Hospice (Marc Smith, Pure Warrior)
  • August 13th - Washington, DC - Children's Hospital (Hope for Henry, Oscar Cantu, NABF)
  • August 12th - Day of Service + Fund for Dallas Police (NABF)
  • August 10th - LA, Ca - School Drive (Henry Armstrong Foundation)
  • August 11th - WBC Adopts A Village in Ghana (Rodrigo Cobo)
  • August 10th - NYC - Beyond Sport's Summit (Mauricio Sulaiman, Jill Diamond, Alicia Ashley, Ronica Jeffrey, Melisa StVil, Alicia Napoleon, Aldo Uribe, Carmen LaBue, Nelson Cuervos, Cristian Bodeya)
  • August 8th - NYC - ESPN Dinner for Non Profit Sports Organizations
  • August 1st - Alberta, Canada - Backpacks and Supplies for Displaced Students (Ed Pearson)
  • July 29th- Las Vegas, Nevada - NBHOF
  • July 23rd - Atlantic City, NJ - World Champions Against Bullying (Harris Haith, Roy Foreman)
  • July 21st - LA, Ca - UCLA Memory-E (Sherry Lansing Host)
  • July 19th - W. ViRGINIA - Relief Supplies to Elks River Boxing Club
  • July 19th - San Francisco - Opening of the Mexican Musuem (Eric Morales, Gabriel Ruelas, Nany Rodriguez, Israel Vasquez, Mia St John)
  • July 17th - Winnipeg, Canada - Pan Am House - Boyd Melson Ami Kotler
  • June 15th - Philippines - Gallilee Home for Elders - Sifu Robert Bridges, Hubert Minn
  • June 12th - Verona, NY - Inauguration of Olympic Champs from the 60's (IBHOF)
  • June 10th/11th - Louisville, Kentucky - Goodbye to the Greatest
  • June 7th - Brussels - Brussels Boxing Academy Commendation (Manuel Charr, Mario Desar)
  • June 6th - NYC - Success Academy - Joe DeGuardia, Brian Cohen, John McKaie, Alicia Ashely, Melisa StVil, Alicia Napolean, Ronnica Jeffrey, Jill Diamond, Sparkle Lee, George Willis
  • May 28th - Palm Desert, Ca - El Sabor Es Poder - Mia St John, WBC Cares
  • May 26th - Mexico City - Telethon for Chlidren
  • May 25th - La, Ca - Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) - Dr Martin, Jill Diamond
  • May 22nd - LA, Ca - 5K for Cancer Research - Mari Cornejo, Nancy Rodriguez, Erika Garza
  • May 21st - El Monte, Ca - Mental Health Conference - Rep. Grace Napolitano, Metta World Peace, Jill Diamond, Sunburst, Academy, Pacific Care, Kaiser
  • MAY 21ST - Las Vegas, NV - Rock the Block (THE STEELE GYM)
  • May 20th - Philippines - Galilee (Home for the Elderly) - Sifu Robert Bridges
  • May 19th - High School Ensanada Anti Bullying - Aaron Cota, Luis Bio, "Sheke" Aviles
  • May 3rd - LA, Ca - SCHOLAS and WBC at Nativity Church- Nancy Rodriguez
  • May 3rd - Planting of Olive Tree at T Mobile Center for SCHOLAS
  • May2nd - Texas - Oscar Cantu Visits Gym
  • May 1st - Thailand - Day of the Child (General Kovad, Kiate)
  • May 1st - Mental Health Awareness Month
  • April 30th - Carson, Ca - NBHOF
  • April 28th - Panama City - Foundation Fanlyc de Panama - Alberto Guerra, Alberto Leon, Abraham Iberra
  • April 27th - Mexico City - La Paz Nursery Home - Chris Manzur, Irma Garcia, Jessica Gonzalez,Ana Arrazola, BOXVAL from SCHOLAS
  • April 16th - Ensanada, Ca - Benefit for Museum of Sports/Salon de la Fama (Aaron Cotta, Jackie Nava, Eric Morales) 
  • April 16th - Auckland, NZ - Woman's Refuge Event - Royal Rampage
  • April 10th - Mexico City - Boxing for Health (Governor of Mexico, WBC)
  • April 10th - Belgium -  Belgium Boxing Academy Presentation - Machmoud Charr
  • April 6th - Mexico City - Centro Medico La Raza (Christian Manzur, Alejandra Jimenez, Irma Garcia)
  • April 3rd - Detroit, Mich. - Frank Garza's Presentation to Kronk Gym
  • April 3rd - NYC - Ring8 New York Hall of Fame Awards Sponsor
  • April 3rd - LA - Childrens Hospital for Little Champion Justin Gonzalez (Mari Cornruiz, Nancy Rodriguez, Cast of Frozen)
  • April 2nd - NY - Beyond Sports Partnership
  • April 2nd - W. Virginia - Elk River Boxing Club - Project Gym Pass
  • March 29th- LA - Childrens Hospital - Mari Consejo
  • March 18th - Costa Rica - Academia de Boxeo Santa Cruz, Created for Youth (Zac Young)
  • March 18th - Spain - Award to Ebby Thrust
  • March 17th - Nicaraugua - Jackie Nava Inspires School Children with Visits
  • March 17th - Baja - Full, 5year Boxing/Muay Thai Scholarships - Team Cotta
  • March 12th - San Diego, Ca - Reyes Educational/Boxing Scholarhips (Champions Israel Vasquez, Alfonso Gomez, Enrique, Pepe Ingardia Pepe Sulaiman, Supreme, Cares....)
  • March 10th- Texas  -Lil Oscar Day (Open Gym)
  • March 8th - Global - International Women's Day (Jill Diamond, Women's Network, Don King, Unify,Women's Network) 
  • March 8th - Michigan - Clean Water Project (Frank Garza, Tommy Hearns)
  • March 8th - Support Dorian Day (Zena International, Pacman)
  • March 7th - Baja - Team Cota Bring Anti Bullying Panels to Local Schools (Aaron Cota, Champions)
  • March 6th - LA - Art and Boxing (Pepe SULAIMAN)
  • March 2nd -- LA - Read Out America - (Nancy Rodriguez, Shannon Torres, Champions)
  • February 29th - Michigan - Memorial for Hamzah Aljahmi - (Frank Garza, jr)
  • February 28th - Global - D'Man Foundation, INSPIRE
  • January 2nd - TJ - Supplies to Street People (Monique Rendon)
  • January 25th - Mexico City - Jose Sulaiman Race/Support Pritchard Colon
  • January 18th - NYC - MLK Parade
  • January 18th - Houston, Texas - MLK Parade
  • January 18th - Los Angeles, Ca. - MLK Parade (Henry Armstrong Foundation)
  • January 14th - Houston, Tx - The George Foreman Youth Center


  • Jan 18th Nebraska WBC Cares recognizes Helping + Keeping/Bill Green
  • Jan 25th Colorado Award to Stevie "Lil but Bad" Johnston 
  • Jan 26th Colorado WBC Cares Does Zumba Fundraiser
  • Jan 26th Mexico City 12K Don Jose Memorial Run of the Champions (4000 runners)
  • Jan 27th Paulie Ayala Parkinson Disease Fund Raiser
  • Jan 29th Denmark Kindergarten Rocks (Cecilia Braekhus, Miriam LaMere, Jill Diamond)
  • Feb 1st NYC Friendship Games Non Violence Project, WBC Cares
  • Feb 15th Belize Youth Tournament (Frank Martinez)
  • Feb 20th Santa Fe, Mexico, Homeless Shelter/Food Center Valeria Sulaiman
  • Feb 26th California, US Israel Vasquez visits Angel Santos and those at  Childrens Hospital
  • March 15th Colorado Steven Blea and Raylene Carbone WBC Cares + Golden Glove Fight Cancer 
  • March 16th New York, NY Danny 'Swift' Garcia donates to Broadway Cares.
  • March 20th WBC donates to Angel Santos Funeral. RIP our young Champion.
  • March 22nd PR WBC Cares supports Gilberto Ramirez Campaign to prevent  Alopecia Areata,in Children
  • March 31 Mexico City WBC Cares joins with the Autism Society
  • April 5th  Tokyo Orphanage with Sacamoto, Yuriko, Momo, Yuko, Marcie Morrow, Jill Diamond
  • April 10th Washington State Chauncy Welliver Box Fit Cares
  • April 12th Australia Jeff Fenech Announces Sales/Fundraising for WBC Pension Fund
  • April 11th WCAB supports New Jersey Golden Gloves
  • April 6th LA, Ca Robert Guerrero Support Caley Fund Raiser
  • April 8th San Ignacio, Beleze Asad Martinez Fund Raiser/Boxing Event for SHC
  • May 3rd TJ, Mexico Visit and Supplies for Orphanage Ruth Tate. Michael Tate,Monique Rendon
  • May 7th Washington DC Mental Health Task Force with Jill Diamond, Metta World Peace, Brandon Marshall, Arjay Smith, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano. Obama Lights Green
  • May World Boxing Council Dedicates All Fights to Mental Health Month
  • May 15th NCarolina 2nd Year Free Summer Camp Aaron Snowell, N. Zion Church, WBCares
  • May 15th LA, Ca Childrens Hospital Jr Charities, Supreme Boxing, Oscar DeLaHoya
  • May 16th Mexico City - Apoyando Angelitos con AutismoChris Manzure and WBC Female Champions 
  • May 18th LA, Ca Israel Vazquez, Victor Martinez , Mauricio Herrera, Joseph Diaz Jr., Yeyo Thompson, Abner Mares, Julian El Camaron Ramirez, Jesus Soto Karassand the Junior Foundation Charities, Supreme Boxing
  • May 20th UK Boxing for the Homeless (Sam Hadfield)
  • May 26th Mexico City Escuela para Autistico (Champions)
  • May 30 LA, US Godzilla Party  Israel Vasquez, jr Charities, Supreme Boxing *for Angel Santos
  • May31st Mexico City We Will Win Champions (Jhonny Gonzalez, Jill Diamond, El Ultimo, Isbeth, many WBC Champions)
  • June 1st UK Paul Ingle Honored (David Walker, Hagen Doering)
  • June 2nd Moscow Oxxana presents Kostya Shishkov with  Award
  • June 5th NYC Concussion and Head Injury Conference Weil Cornell College (WBC Cares)
  • June 6th, LA, Making Champions w/WBC Cares. Presenting WBC Belts and Inspiration to terminally ill children. Supreme Boxing, Israel Vasguez.
  • June 11th NYC Beyond Sports Summit (Philanthropy & Sports) (Jill Diamond)
  • June 1st Vienna Kinderlife (Tom Sarkis Donates)
  • June 11th Colorado Golden Gloves Charities Gym -Free Boxing Lessons/Clnic (Stephen Blea)
  • June 13th Bklyn, NY Supporting Gleason's Gym Tournament + Give a Kid A Dream Foundation. (Jill Diamond)
  • June 26th Bronx, NY Giving Back in Bronx Melvina Lathan, Suzan Classen, Melvina LathanJill Diamond, Chris Martin Sanchez, Woleska Roldan, Chris Galeano
  • July 2nd Big Bear, Ca Rudy Tellez , Israel Vazquez,Supreme Boxing,Jr Charities, WBC Athletes, and The Police Fresh air Fund 
  • July 4th Chicago NABF Supports CYBC
  • July 26th -Bronx, NY w/A4H Etan Thomas(NBA),Derek Anderson (former NBA player),Styles P (rapper),Jadakiss (rapper), Larry Johnson (former NBA player), and Ben Gordon (current NBA player, Jill Diamond, Alicia Ashley)
  • July 27th - Germany - Champion Raja Amasheh visits children hospital in Saarbrücken
  • July 27th - Colorado - Support to Cooley High, Inc (Stephen Bleas)
  • August 9th - Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame
  • August 11th - California - Stanislaus County Foster Home - Donations of School Supplie (Ruth & Michael Tate)
  • August 16th - Tokyo, Japan- Visit to Christmas Village Orphanage - Momo Koseki, Yurito Mayorka, Denise Castle
  • August 11th LA, Ca Oscar De LaHoya Charity Golf Tournament
  • August 12th - LA - Belt Presentation & launch of Making Champions (Israel Vasquez., Supreme Boxing)
  • August 13th - UCLA - Neurology Department pays Tribute to Jose Sulaiman
  • August 16th - California - Donation of 250 Back Packs + Supplies to Stanislaus County Foster Parent Association (Michael + Ruthy Tate)
  • August 19th - WBC Cares enters the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • August 19th - UK - John Lewis joins Caris Boxing Club for Homeless as Coach
  • September 11th - Day of Observance - Volunteers from the WBC Tweet and Give Service
  • September 16th - Denver, Co - Denver Children's Home - Stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone
  • September 24th- 27th - Playa de la Carmen -  First WBC Woman's Convention
  • October: We Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Wearing of Pink at all Fights
  • October 25th - Washington, DC - Project Backpack (Dodson, Mandela)
  • October 28th - Mexico City, Mexico - For A Better Mexico
  • November 10th - Washington, DC - National Children's Health Center (Hope for Henry, Fight for Children, Karl Dargon, Alicia Ashley, Juan LaPorte, Demarcus Corley, Chaz Witherspoon, Roberto Duran, Heather Hardy, Alicia Ashley, Michel Ashley, Devon Cormack, Lil Mo, Mia St John)
  • November 10th - Viriginia - Alexandria Gym (with Fight for Children, Karl Dargon, Alicia Ashley, Juan LaPorte, Chaz Witherspoon, Roberto Duran, Heather Hardy, Alicia Ashley, Michel Ashley, Devon Cormack, Lil Mo, Mia St John)
  • November 11th- Baltimore, Md. - Dr Raynard Browne Elementary School (With Under Armour, Karl Dargon, Alicia Ashley, Juan LaPorte, Demarcus Corley, Chaz Witherspoon, Roberto Duran, Heather Hardy, Alicia Ashley, Michel Ashley, Devon Cormak, Lil Mo, Mia St John, Mauricio Sulaiman)
  • November 13th End the Stigma Meeting with USA Congress to support Mental Health in Schools Act (Ruberto Duran, Julio Chavez, Ray Mancini, Gerry Cooney, Mauricio Sulaiman, Erik Morales, Tonio Sulaiman, Victor Silva, Chuck Wms, Jill Diamond, Erik Botjer, Mia St John, Congresswomen Grace Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, Corine Brown and the Hispanic Caucus)
  • November 13th Washington DC Fight Night for Children
  • Noveber 17th - UK - Russel Hall Primary School Anti Bullying Campaign (Fes Baptister)
  • November 20st - Las Vegas - Special Olympics (Billy Wright + Team)
  • November 21th - Mexico City - Angelitos Con Autismo (Tom Nardone, Chris Manzur)
  • November 22nd - NYC, MSG - Battle of the Badges + Wounded Warriors
  • November 24th - Washington DC, National Foundation for Children 25th Anniversary
  • December 2nd - Mexico - Casa Hogar en Guadalope - Jhonny Gonzalez
  • December 13th - Colorado - Golden Gloves Charity Boxing (Stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone)
  • December 31st - Philadelphia, US - Hope for Henry (Karl Dragen)
  • January 6th - Mexico City - Adopt A Champion Champion
  • January 8th - Thailand - Child's day (Kiate Sirigul, Wanheng Menayothin, Petch CP Freshmart, Buarimbueng KKP)
  • January 19th - LA, Ca - Martin Luther King Parade (WBC Caresw/Henry Armstrong Foundation) Jill Diamond Mohammad Noor,Nancy Rodriguez,Dr. Paul Wallace,LarryErvin,Maurra,Victor Castro,Daniel Valdivia ,Gabriel Ruelas,Daniel Franco,Joey Ruelas ,Manuel Roman,Holt McCannally Edward Scott,John Frierson,Tiffany Clinton,Sharon Sands,WayneHedgepeth,LarryErvin,AlfonsoGomez,KevinMorgan,CharlesMartin,TaishanDong,HenryTillman,IsraelVasquez,CarlosPalomino, MauricioHerrera,AlbertoHerrera,PanchitoDeVaca,DanielGarcia ,Edwin Sandoval ,Emmanuel Medina,KimberlyScott,Panchito De Vaca,Daniel Garcia ,Edwin Sandoval ,Emmanuel Medina,Mauricio Herrera Sr.,Torres Monchis,Albert Baker,Jennifer Arredondo ,Javier Zendejas,George Gallegos,Michael Montero, Tiffany Lam, Jessie Martinez
  • January 22nd - funds for Tom Casino
  • January 25th - Mexico City - CARRERA DE CAMPEONES
  • February 4th - Mexico City - Julio Cesar Chavez Statue
  • February 4th - Canada - World Longest hockey Game - Alberta Cancer Foundation, teenage cancers (Jelena Mrdjenovich, Craig Metcalfe, David Bilocerkowec, Michele Ponich, Cam, Ed Pearson)
  • February 7th - LV, Nevada - Special Olympics (Billy Wirght)February 4th - Canada - World Longest hockey Game - Alberta Cancer Foundation, teenage cancers (Jelena Mrdjenovich, Craig Metcalfe, David Bilocerkowec, Michele Ponich, Cam, Ed Pearson)
  • February 7th - LV, Nevada - Special Olympics (Billy Wirght))
  • March 7th - California - National Boxing Hall of Fame Award - Jose & Mauricio Sulaiman, Rudy Tellez
  • March 13th - Corpus Chriti, Texas  National Guard Hospitality Suite, First Prize (Deborah HawkinsJesse James Leija, Oscar Cantu, Omar Figuroa, Jr.)
  • March 18th . Mexico City . Donativo a casa hogar Ser Humano
  • March 22 - Texas, USA - Osscar Cantu -Spohn Christis Hospital 
  • April 7th - Colorado - Anthony Sims, jr. visits Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indy
  • April 8th - WBC partners with
  • April 27th - California - Fight for Sight
  • April 29th - Las Vegas, Nv -  Raging Bull Soiree (Ava Knight, Nancy Rodriguez)
  • April 30th - Washingon DC - Congrssional Mental Health Task Force (Jill Diamond)
  • May - North Carolina - Free Summer Camp (Aaron Snowell)
  • May 11th - New York Fire Department Boxing - Donation and Reyes Gloves
  • May 9th - Palm Desert, Ca - El Saber es Poder (Mia St John, Jill Diamond, Claudia Ollis, Lisa Woodward, Jules)
  • May 13th - California - SRL Juvenile Diabetes  Fight Night
  • May 16th - Inglewood, Ca. - WBC Cares and World Champions for Hope raffle off Gretchen Ryan's Painting of Triple G for Spinal Cord Research
  • May 16th - Forum, California - Wounded Warriors (Tom Loeffler, Mor Noor, Jill Diamond)
  • May 16th - Denver, Co. - Wounded Warrior (Stephen Blea, Duran Hill, Srgt.Gabe Martinez)
  • May 18th - Los Angles, Ca - Mattel Pediatric Hopsital (Leo Santa Cruz, Holt McCannelly, Mo Nor, Jill Diamond)
  • May 31st - Los Angles, Ca - Ghost Rider + Meet & Greet (Supreme Boxing and Champs)
  • June 10th - Canastota, NY - IBHOF
  • June 13th  - California -Sunbrust Academy Youth Challenge (Mo Noor)
  • June 27th - LA, Califonia - Cadet Challenge Reunion
  • July 8th - California - Golf Tournament for Cares (Ruben Castillo, Deborah Hawkins, WBC)
  • July 10th - Mexico - La Escuela Ignacio Zaragoza en Temoay (El Campeón Mundial Super Mosca Carlos Cuadras , el Ex campeón Mundial Ultiminio Ramos , Ibeth Zamora campeona Mundial minimosca del wbc y Edgar jimenez)
  • July 8th - California - Golf Tournament for Cares (Ruben Castillo, Deborah Hawkins, WBC)
  • July 10th - México - La Escuela Ignacio Zaragoza en Temoay (El Campeón Mundial Super Mosca Carlos Cuadras , el Ex campeón Mundial Ultiminio Ramos, Ibeth Zamora campeona Mundial minimosca del wbc y Edgar jimenez)
  • July 11th - Ft Lauderdale, FL - IWBHOF
  • July 16th - Baltimore, Md - Road to the Worlds (Gary Russell, jr)
  • July 21st - Los Angeles - Mentoring Women for the National Guard, Sunburst Youth Academy (Alicia Ashley, Lucia Rijker)
  • July 21st - NYC, NY - ESPN Scholars Dinner (Mauricio Sulaiman, Jill Diamond, Beyond Sports)
  • July 22nd - NYC, NY - Beyond Sports
  • July 29 - Los Angeles, Ca. - Amateur Challenge - Alhambra Boxing Club, UPAC, LA Sheriff's Department
  • August 1st - Ramapo, NY - Camp Ramapo (JP Palonmo)
  • August 5th - Las Vegas,NV - NBHOF + Project Gym Pass (Michelle Corrales)
  • August 8th - Las Vegas, Nv - Las Vegas Hall of Fame
  • August 10th - Los Angeles, Ca, Oscar DeLaHoya Golf Tournament
  • September 12th - Flint, Michigan - KO Kidney Disease (Frank Garza, Missy)
  • September 13th - Mexico City -  Hospital Angeles , Breast Cancer exhibition
  • October 15th - Westchester, NY - Team Fight To Walk (Boyd Melson)
  • October 15th - Miami, Florida - Lionheart Foundation (Lennox Lewis)
  • October 24th - Germany - Dennis Boytsov Fund Raiser
  • October 25th - NYC - Her Chair His Hair (Breast Cancer Research)
  • October 26th - Farmingdale, NY - Signatures Chefs (March of Dimes)
  • October 29th - LA, Ca - Visionary Ball (UCLA Neurosurgery)
  • November 3rd - Kunming, China - Visit to Migrant Worker's School
  • November 15th - Mexico City - INP, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
  • November 16th - Germany - Fight of Your Life (Malte Muller-Michaelis)
  • November 20th - NYC - Battle of the Badges
  • November 21st - Germany - Children's Hospital Fund Raiser (Raja Amasheh)
  • November 29th - UK - Naimhs Next Step  - (Maurice Hope)
  • December 1st - N. Carolina - Bridging Hope (Aaron Snowell)
  • December 5th - LA, Ca - El Saber es Poder (Mia St john)
  • December 13th - NYC - Ring 8 Holdiay Party (Chuck Williams)
  • December 14th - LA, Ca - UCLA Pediatrics (Porcha Dodson)
  • December 13th - Pennsylvania - Larry Holmes Statue
  • December 15th - Colorado, US - Golden Gloves Charities & Amateur Show (Stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone)
  • December 15th - Baldwin Pk, Ca - Keeping the Happy in Holiday (Sierra Vista High School, WBC Champions including... Morales, Leo Santa Cruz, Israel Vasquez, Miguel Herrera, Daniel PonceDeLeon,  Daniel Valivida,  Mia St John, Ruben Castillo, and Joe Martinez, Tattoo, Erika Garza, WBC Team,  Congresswoman Grace Napolitano)
  • December 16th - Thailand - Toy Giveaway (Kiate Sirigul and Champions)
  • December 18th- Russia - Fundraiser for Child's Surgery  (Irene Kotsko)
  • December 19th - Sweeden - Gym Training for Street Children (Mikaela Lauren, Rapid Promotions)
  • December 24th - Berlin  Tree Raising for Children  (Aniya Seki)
  • December 24th - Augsburg - Fundraiser (Nikki Adler)
  • December 23rd - Global - Joint Release with UCLA on Concussion (UCLA Neurosurgery)
  • December 31st - Berlin - Aniya Seki Give Free Boxing Clinics to Refugee Youth
        • LA Childrens Hospital - 9/15/2006 (Erik Morales, Genaro Hernandez, Hayashika Zumichi, Jill Diamond )
        • Denver Children's Hospital 10/06 (Stephen Blea, Christopher Blea, DaVeryll Williamson, Donald Camerena, Vic Vickers, Raylene Sanchez)
        • Arnold Palmer Hospital, Orlando, Florida 10/24 (Cristy Martin, Rowland Bryant, Ariel Aburto, Derrick Brown)
        • WBC World Boxing Cares partners with Breast Cancer awareness month by urging officials to wear Pink Ribbons at all fights· Croatia Orphanage & Hospital 11/3 (Sharon Anyos, Oksana, Jill, David Denkins, Ray Carusso, Vladas, Stephen Boyce, Stephen Blea, Jill Diamond )
        • Packard Children's Hospital 11/6 done (Kelsey Jeffries, Bruce Anderson)
        • Mott Haven Learning Center, New York City -11/15 (Duddy, Shea, LaPorte, Griffith, Barkley, Dwyer, Sacurrato, David Vasquez, Rossy, Jill Diamond)
        • Hogar Niñito Jesús' - Rio Piedras, PR 11/17 (Tito, Gaby)
        • Sunrise Children's Hospital, Las Vegas 11/28 (McCullough, Librado, Mary Ann Owen, Jake Gutierrez )
        • Hollenbeck Youth Center -12/9 LA (Rudy Tellez, Israel Vasquez, Michael Bennt, Jose Lopez,Tim Bradley, Kenny Thompson, Andrades Bros., Dr Noriega, Carlos Baeza, Jill Diamond, Alex Ramos, Bobby Chagnon, etc)
        • WBC World Boxing Cares partners with International Kids Fund
        • Holts Childrens Hospital 12/12 - Miami. Fl (Jose Sulaiman, Pipino Cuevas, Carlos Zarate, Cristy Martin, Miguel Cotto, Dr Pedro Sequiera, Jill Diamond)
        • Shneider's Children's Hospital (LI, NY) 12/19 LI, NY (Dwyer, Rossy, Sal Mesumuci, Eric Bentley, Jill Diamond )
        • Warriors Boxing Club of SouthWest Detroit (Frank Garza) ongoing
        • Queenslands Hospital, Australia -1/07 (Boyce, Anyos, Fenech, Corbett)
        • Morgan Stanley Hospital, NYC 1/10 (Melissa Hernandez, Suszannah Warner, Jorge Teron, Edgar Santana, Iran Barkely, Gerry Cooney, Jill Diamond, Robert Wislow)
        • Seattle Childrens Hospital 1/18 (Barry Druxman, Dakota Stone, Jimi Williams)
        • Childrens Medical Center (Washington, DC) 2/5 (Demarcus Corley, Tim Witherspoon, Chaz Witherspoon, Evan Witherspoon, Ward, Terik Ball, Wanda Bruce, Lynne Carter, Jill Diamond)
        • Sands Hotel, Las Vegas 2/14 Joint Event w/RBF (Alex Ramos, Jill Diamond, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Lucia Rijker, Boom Boom Mancini)
        • Matthew-Dickey Boys Club 2/18 St.Louis, Mo (Leon Bobo, Crystal Wright, Jeri Hollie Dunaway, Mark Wright)
        • WBC Woprld Boxing Cares partners with the New York Foundling Program.
        • Youth Center 3/8 NY Foundling Hospital, Harlem, NY ( Eddie Goldman, Martha Byrne, Melissa Hernandez, Belinda Larecuente, Jorge Teron, Chuck Williams, Iran Barkley, Suszannah Warner, Ron Zaslow, David Selwyn, Jill Diamond )
        • Children's Hospital- Nicaragua (Ariel Aburto, Pedro Sequira, Dr Mayorga, Alexis Aguero, Lubbatch)
        • WBC World Boxing Cares partners with The Princess Trust, UK (David Walker) ongoing
        • Childrens Hospice of Bedforshire , UK- (David Walker, John H.Stacey)
        • WBC World Boxing Cares partners with Stitching the World Together - Kenya (Jared Akama Ondieki)
        • PAL 3/31 Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY (Steve Farhood, Alicia Ashley, Chika Nakamura, Edgar Santana, Ernesto Dallas, Luigi Olsece, Iran Barklay, Sean Sullivan, Janet Icabuzio, Jill Diamond)
        • River Rouge Boxing Club (in memory of Mickey Goodwin) (Frank Garza) ongoing
        • La Raza - Mexico City 4/6 (Jose Sulaiman, Edgar Sosa, Pipino Cuevas, Rubén "Puas" Olivares, Zaragoza, Marquez Brothers, Ana Maria Torres, Laura Serrano...)
        • Russian Heritage Festival, New York City, 6/10 Health & Sports Fair Brooklyn, NY (Jill Diamond, Alicia Ashley, Dmitriy Salita, Suszannah Warner, Yuri Foreman, Camille Currie, Lost Battalion: Frank Bragi, Tony Paillieo)
        • WBC creates wonderful T Shirts and wristbands (designed by Alain Flores) for giveaways to children ongoing
        • Turkey -6/14 Ankara-Orphanage (Sinan Samal Sam, Ahmet Oner, Jurgen Langos, Jose Sulaiman, Claudia Schultz, Mauro Betti, Jill Diamond)
        • Ireland 6/13 - Dublin & Belfast Hospitals (Wayne McCullough)
        • Educational Alliance - Shropshire, UK Various Schools for trouble children Continuous (Richie Woodhall)
        • All Africa Games - Algiers 7/11 (Houcine Houichi, Abdelaziz, Azumah Nelson, Lakhar Belloumi, Zenidine Zidane)
        • East London ("Baby Jake" Matlatla Mgxaji,'Blue Jaguar' Morodi, Nkosana 'Happy Boy' Mgxaji, Branco)
        • NYC - PAL 8/17 S. Bronx, NYC (Jill Diamond, Michael Whalen, Sparkle Lee, John Ginn, Karen Briman, Jody-Ann Weller, Lugi Olsese, Chika Nakamura, Iran Barklay, Bret Tesman, Jill Diamond)
        • Mariachi Jilgueros Benefit- California 9/13 (Rudy Tellez, Dr. Noryiega, Thompson Promotions, Jill Diamond)
        • Benefit Gotham Comedy Club NYC -10/10 Boxing Community, Joey Reynolds, Jose Sulaiman, Michael Spinks, Jill Diamond,Dmitri Salita, Gummersindo Vidot, Brian Adams, Alicia Ashley, Matt Godfrey, Iran Barkley, Lou DiBella, Suszannah Warner, Melissa Hernandez, Brenda Laraquente, Eileen Oszlewski, Jody Weller, Chika Nakamura, Gary Stretch, Chuck Zito, Jill Emery, Meldrik Taylor, Giovani Lorenzo, Juan LaPorte, Mitch Greenm, Arthur Mercante, Keith Mullings, Junior Jones, Dennis Milton, Sean Daughtry, Andrey Tsurkan, Kevin Johnson, Elvir Muriqi, Delvin Rodriquez, Joe DeGuardia. Ann Marie Sacurrato, Grant Phillips, David Selwyn, Chuck Williams, Nelson Cuervos, David Vasquez, Monte Barret, Omar Shake, Michael Bareo, Eric Witherspoon, Sean Sullivan, Robert Mladinich, David Pambianci, Eddie Goldman, Michael Souinks, Butch Lewis, Stefanie Stepp, Joey Reynolds, Rich O'Neil, Don Majesky, Allison Emmet, Michael Otega, Salvador Briman, Ryan Boyle, Greg Peyser. Ayanot Yesamagotoba, Ron Zaslow, Shraddha Borawake, Bret Tesman, Richard Cox, Hannah Roriquez, Empress El, Lindsay Nevard.)
        • Reyes Family donates mini gloves and other charitable giveaways to WBC World Boxing Cares for children's groups ongoing
        • Philippine General Hospital -Manila - 11/16/07 (Don Majeski, Frank Maloney, Oksana, Jill Diamond , Dr Sequera)
        • Bahai Streetchildren Center - Manila - 11/14/07 Boxing Match (WBC Board of Directors, Jill Diamond, Stephen Blea, Oksana, Bruce Mctavish)
        • Kru Noi Center - Bangkok - 11/18/07 (Jill Diamond , Kiate Sirigul, Lamsong .Genl Kovid) ongoing
        • Youth Center- Phuck, Thailand (Kiate Sirius)
        • UTH Hospital -Lusaka, Zambia - 2/29/08 (Lusaka, Zambia, Houcine Houichi)
        • Crypt Children Rehabilitation Center -Cancun, Mexico 3/3/08 (Oleg Masked, Jose Sulaiman, Ante Campbell) ongoing
        • Salvation Armey Denver, Co (Stephen Bleak, Denver Police Boxing Brotherhood Boxing Club)
        • St. Anthony Residence, Harlem, NY - 3/24/08 (James Moore, Bob Mladinich, Jill Diamond, Shraddha Borawake)
        • NY Foundling - Queens Program 4/1(Steve Farhood, Amadeus, Brian Adams, Sadam Ali, Jill Diamond, Derric Rossi, Karen Briman. Dan Rosenbaum)
        • Insurance for Boxers - 5/29/08 (Presented at NABF Convention & Approved)
        • Quintana Roo´s Integral Rehabilitation Center Chetumal, 5/30 (Oscar Larios, Feider Viloria, Naoki Matsuda, Guty Espadas Jr., Sal Sánchez Jr., Pepe Gomez, Jose Sulaiman)
        • Child Rehab of Tlalnepanthla Mexico 6/6 (Jose Sulaiman, Edgar Sosa, Takashi Kunishige, Marquez Brothers,.Pipino Cuevas, Carlos Zarate, Raul "Raton "Marcias)
        • Camp Simcha Upstate NY (Dmitriy Salita, Karen Briman, Jill Diamond)
        • Sporting Chance NYC - 7/30/08 (Athletes for Charity, Seth Stammler, Jill Diamond)
        • Museum of Sports NYC - 8/30/08 (AhletesforCharity, Sistahz Keepers, NY Nemesis. Jill Diamond, Brian Adams, Ann Marie Sacurrato, Joe Dwyer. Suszannah Warner)
        • Career Day HarlemNYC - 9/6/08 (Lutheran Services, Athletes for Charity, Jill Diamond/Wbc Cares)
        • Liberty Playoff Game NYC, MSG - 9/18/08 (Cathleen LaPorte, St Agnes, NY Foundling, Jill Diamond)
        • Tlalnepantla - Mexico City, 9/22/08 (Jose Sulaiman, Edgar Sosa, Suszannah Warner, Ali Cheba, Sonny boy Jaro, "raton" Marcias)
        • Phang Nga, Thailand Fund for Children of the Tsuanami (General Kovid, Kiate Sirigul)
        • MYM Spirits donates 50 limited edition, bronze statues to WBC World Boxing Cares for Auction at charities/
        • October 15th Kronk's Gym Benefit - Detroit Michigan (Tommy HEarns, Emmanuel Steward, Jackie Kallin,)
        • Chengdu, China Barrack School, Earthquake Victims 11/07/08 Tim Bradley , Hazumi Hasegawa, Toshiaki Nishioka, Jill Diaomnd, Stephen Blea, Alberto Reyes, Stevie kahn, Kiate Sirigul, Rudy Tellez, Team Sanchez, CC Edwards, Benjamin Rendon, 60 WBC Ambassadors of goodwill)
        • Hebrew Home for the Aged NYC 11/17/08 (Karen Briman, Steve Farhood, Burt Sugar, Robert Mladinich, Suszannah Warner, Ann Marie Sacurrato, Eilon Kedem, Jill Diamond, Bruce Silverglade)
        • World Boxing Cares Partners with Athletes for Hope (Career Day S. Bronx, NY) ongoing
        • Literacy Program - Watsonville, Ca (Carina Moreno) ongoing
        • Memorial Sloan Kettering NYC - 11/25/08 (Dmitriy Salita, Karen Briman, Ricky Ray Taylor, Jill Diamond)
        • Ban Wang Kerng -  Khon Kaen in Numpong Distric - 12/22/08 ( Panya Sripanya, Parliament & Kiate Sirigul, Montol Suriyachan and Sawaeng Taweekoon
        • Mendez Gym NYC - 12/19/08 (Lutherian Services, Francisco Mendez, Christophe Mendey, Spider, Jill Diamond)
        • Salvarion Army Denver, Co. - 12/21/09 (Stephen Blea(
        • Gleason's Gym - Brooklyn, NY - 1/10/09 Fight Night! fo Chicanito (Showtime, HBO, Reyes, Bruce Silverglade,Craig Metcalfe, Everyone in NY!)
        • WBC Museum of Legends - San Bernardino, Ca Fundraiser for Chicanito! 1/17/09  (Rudy Tellez, VinnieJohnson, Eric Casillas, Michele Chong , RBF, Israel Vasques, Mia St John, Jackie Kalin, Jaime & Angel Ochoa,Jill Diamond, Mauricio Sulaiman, Jimmy Lenon, 12 Celebrity Champions!! Danny Hernandez, and over 300 fans and friends)
        • March 14th:   Fight Night dedicated to Genaro Hernandez - Ontario, California (Alex Campos & Thompson Promotions)
        • WBC World Boxing Cares partners with Athletes For Charity (Mark Levinson, Lance Armstrong, Andre Agasi) ongoing
        • March 27th:    Intrepid Museum NYC Power of One -  (Mark Breland, Wendy Hilliard, Keith Smart, Heather O'Reily, Cameron Myler, Zina Garrison, Rusty Kanokogi, W/Athletes for Hope & theNYC Board of Education Wendy Hilliard, Keith Smart, Heather O'Reily, Cameron Myler, Zina Garrison, Rusty Kanokogi, W/Athletes for Hope & theNYC Board of Education )
        • April 3rd : Mott Haven Center South Bronx, New York (Opening of new magnet school for underprivileged children)
        • April 4th:     Conga Room LA Manny Pacquiao's Foundation
        • April 16 & 17th NYC WBCares took 40 children to the Golden Gloves with the cooperation of Brian Adams and the NY Daily News.
        • April 18th NJ WBCares sent 25 children to the Red Bulls game in cooperation with Cathleen LaPorte and Athletes for Charity
        • April 18th NYC WBCares sent 15 children to the Jordan Challenge at Madison Square Garden in cooperation with Athletes for Charity.
        • April 22nd Athletes for Hope Career Day School Day (Jill Diamond, Cathleen LaPorte)
        • May 21st -     Women at Risk - Los Angeles, California (Supporting women & families with HIV & Aids) (Mia St John & Israel Vasquez)
        • June 2rd - Cancun CHIT Saul Alvarado, Rudy Lopez, Yeo Thompson, Joge Paez)
        • June 7th HOPE CHLA 400 children who've survived cancer (Kelli Freeman,Michele Chong,Chika Nakamura,Katarenia DeLaCruz,Shawn Estrada,Walter Sarnoi,Alfonso Gomez,Hassan Chitsaz,Michael Chitsaz,Genaro Hernandez,Rudolfo Gonzalez,Anthony Villareal,Tony Rivera)
        • June 14th  :  Health & Sports Fair Aser levy Park, Brooklyn, NY (Russian American Foundation & Dmitiriy Slaita, Hector Roca, Eilon Kedem,, Karen Briman, Mauricio Drazner, Jill Diamond) 2000 children
        • June 13th : Childrens Hospital, Mexico City (Susana Castillo, Kokietgym, Ana Marie Torres)
        • WBCares Sporting Chances - UK helping at risk kids with six week courses supported by Bedfordshire Police (David Walker) ongoing
        • June 17th - Alberta, Canada Night of Young Champions (Louie Raposo)
        • July Abrahams Tent - Guyana Center for Education for abused women and children (William Boodhoo & family, Roy Van Putten, Yasmin Ibrahim & Family)
        • July 10th - San Diego Humane Society (Carley Batey)
        • August 12th MSG 125 Year! NYC (Fox News) (Brian Adams, Sadam Ali, Tor Hammer,  Joe Williams, Ann Saccurato, Will Rosinsky, Suszannah Warner, Jill Diamond)
        • August 14th Hammond Gym Indiana Dannis Hardesty, WBC Cares, Opening & Building a new Gym in a tough, urban neighborhood.
        • August 20th 24 Children Staten Island Sports Fair (Brian Adams, Alan Shatz)
        • August 15th Human Defense Initiative (Valerie Gonzalez, Manny Pacquiao, Ryan Largo, Jill Diaomnd,) ongoing
        • September 6th Welsch ExBoxers Foundation Ambassador Award (David Walker, Harry Winstone, jr. Glenn Catley and Cardiff Council's Neil McEvoy,John H. Stracey, Don James. September 9th A day of Service with Children's Aid Society, the Obama Administration & A4 (Brian Adams, Ann Sacurrato, Alicia Ashley, Jill Emery,  Amadeus, Sparkle Lee, Spider, Shraddha Borakowe, Maxx Brawer,Tor Hammer, Sadam Ali, Will Rozinky, Jill Diamond, David Diamante)October 2nd Thailand Kiate Sirigul, General Kovid, Veerapol visit Krui Noi Children's home
        • September 15th Revlon Walk (Karen Briman, Mauricio Drazner, Jill Diaomnd, AsTheWorldTurns)
        • October 11th Juvenile Diabetes Walk (Steve & Lori Rimland)
        • October 3rd - Charleston, South Carolina Moja Cup Amateur Boxing Tournament (Charleston Police Boxing Club, Al "Hollywood" Megget, Mark Wright, Crystal Wright, 150 children)
        • 17th October 2009 Tim Witherspoon, Glenn Catley and Jane Couch at open day at MK Don Stadium meeting and greeting Children and families. Ring will be set up so kids can go on the pads with the Champions and Champions will be on the pitch at 1/2 time to start mascot race and conduct a raffle. Meet the Champions free to all 12pm to 2pm
        • October 22nd NYC Intrepid Museum and the NYC Board of Education 250 children (Joe Dwyer,Melvina Lathem,Lou DiBella,Matt Godfrey, Jason Estrada-Sadam Ali, Michael Olajide, Leila Fazel, Roland Estrada, Sherry Walkum, Sparkle Lee,Jill Diamond,David Diamante ,Brian Adams, Grant Phillips, Ricky Ray Taylor,Francisco Mendez, Tor Hamer, Ann Saccurato, Suszannah Warner, Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillen,Roberto Benitez, Phil Miller , Kali Reis, Josh Harris, Eric Estrada, Pablo Sanitago, Karen Briman)
        • October 25th Merlia, Mx Morellia Orphanage (Daniel "Tremendo" Estrada, Roberto "Kichis" Garza, CarlosZarate, Jr., Esmeralda Moreno)
        • October 30th - Michigan Jewish Center Fundraiser & Awards (Stuart Kirshenbaum, Emmanuel Steward)
        • Novemberr 24th - UK Leon Spinks at MK Dons Home
        • November 4th Jeju, S Korea Hongik CHild Orphanage (Team Sanchez, Joyce Kasehba, Krebs, Marcie Morrow, Charmane, Andre Burto, Andre Direll, Raylene, Wendy Neuman, Carlos Baeza, Jill Diamond, Olena, Natalia, Van Putten, Alberto & Elizabeth Reyes, Wayne Ko, Maria Torres)
        • WBC International COmmittee Partners with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to help patients with blood diseases live better and longer lives (Mauro Betti, WBC International Committee). Ongoing
        • November 27th Legends & Heroes UK Honoring Military War Heroes & injured (Major Sam Livy, David Walker, Tim Witherspoon, Lloyd Honeyghan, Richie Woodhall, Salvador Briman,Tim Witherspoon, Billie Schwer and Glenn Catley)
        • November 28th El Saber es Poder LA, Ca (Mia St John, Jose Flores, Don Wilson,Kenny Norton, Brian McKnight, Kristoff St John, Lou Pizarro, Todd Bridges,Thea Vidale,Mike Sherrard )
        • November 29th Celebration of Champions UKReissuing of Belts to Leon Spinks & Tiim Witherspoon.t (David Walker, John Stracey, Glenn Cately, Leon Spinks, Princess Trust)
        • WBC World Boxing cares partners with the WBC Asia Relief Fund and creates a ‘diamond belt' key ring to sell for disaster relief
        • 12/19 - Venezuela Edwin Valero joins the WBCARES and donates toys to the children
        • 12/20 - Mexico City, Cesar Bazan Run -  Agustín "Zorrita" Luna, Elizabeth Reyes, trainers, boxers, ex-boxers.
        • 12/20 -NY Foundling, Athletes for Charity, WBCares (Jill Diamond) 150 Foster Children and their families have Xmas Breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe
        • 1/10 Peace Concert - Tokyo, Japan (Chisa Yamane artists, students and musicians from all over join for peace)
        • 1/15 -Help for Haiti - Waren, Michigan (Catholic Arch Diocese of Detroit, Catholic Relief Services, Red Cross, WBCares, Frank Garza)
        • 1/18 Day of Observance for Martim Luther King's Birthday -We will have 6 different centers
        • 1/18 Help for Haiti Entire WBC gloabally led by Dr. Sulaiman in Mexico
        • 1/22 We join with the NY Daily News, John Campi and Brian Adams, to send children from the Foundling Programs  to watch the Golden Gloves, starting 1/22 and extending through 4/25 (the finals). By the end of the Gloves, over one hundred and fifty children will attend.
        • 1.23 -  Haiti Relief Fund Stepehn Bleas & Raylene Carbone join with MSEC.
        • 1/31 - PAL We joing with the Kent Boxing Club servicing Teens in Washington State (Glen & Lesli Hamada)
        • 2.15 WBC Cares joins with YOLT Youth Survival Project & Gumersindo Vidot, Philadelphia, USA.
        • 2.17 entrega de Juguetes Villa del carbón Carlos Zareta
        • 2/18 WBC Cares joins with Athletes Making A Difference (Johnny Briggs, Eddie Cotton, Kwan Johnson, Joe Greer, Rory Sparrow, Gerald Hayes, Ricaldo MacDonald, Tim Thomas, Wayne Cesa....)
        • 2/19 Crit - Yucatan, Mexico (Espada, Yeya, Huracan)
        • 3/30 UN NYC Power of Athletes to Inspire Social Change (Ann Saccurato, Jill Diamond, Brian Adams, Athletes for Hope, Kate MacKenzie, Luke Sassano,4000 International Student)
        • 4/6/10 Inwood Academy, NYC partners with WBC CAres Award to Joe Brender for his service to the Community by building a boxing gym/tutoring facility
        • 4.18.10 WBCares partners with WBC Chamipopn Sergio Martinez in his fight against Domestic Violence.
        • 4/24/10 Denver Police Brotherhood Raylene Carbone and Stephen Blea, present "Humanitarian Certificates"
        • 5/4/10 WBCares parnters with Brian Pedone's Heavy Hitters to help needy childrenin a program that addresses physical fitness and school work (Brian Cohen, Reyes, Title and Everlast are personally is sending supplies to David Vasquez and the children).
        • 5/8/10 - Mexico City Black Tie Fights & WBC Cares Susana Castillio +WBC Cares Team Mexico
        • 5/26/10` Do the Write Thing Philly (Ann Saccurato, Athletes 4/Hope)
        • 6/1/10 - Academy of America - Detroit, Mi (Frank Garza, jr)
        • 6/6/10 Celebration of Hope Childrens Hospital, LA (Michelle Chong, GENARO HERNANDEZ, WAYNE McCULLOUGH, MIA ST. JOHN, SHAWN ESTRADA, WALTER SARNOI, ARMANDO MUNIZ, ALFONSO GOMEZ, SENIESA ESTRADA, ANGEL BOJADO, RODOLFO GONZALEZ, JONATHAN ARELLANO, KATARINA DE LA CRUZ, and HENRY TILLMAN, Selina Arellano, Jonathan Arellano , Cristabel Cee, Shawn Estrada , Walter Schoolboy Sarnoi, Big Thunder) 400 Children
        • 6/13/10 -  LA El Saber es Poder Mia St John
        • 6/14/10- UK A Sporting Chance (David Walker and the Bershire Police Force join together to change children's lives)
        • 6/14/10 Beyond Sports NY (Bill Bradly, WBCares, A4Hope, Womens Sports NetworkNHL, NBA, Streetfootballworld US, UNICEF, USOC, Peace Players International, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Special Olympics, Barclays, JIll Diamond)
        • 7/10/10 Civic Hospital, Guadalajara. MX (Irma Sanchez., Ana Marie Torres, Jill Diamond, Victoria Medel, Len Koivisto)
        • 7/21 -Centros de Integracion Juvenil - Mexico City (Elizabeth reyes, Carlos Zarate, Victor Rabaneles)
        • 7/24/10 Kids Fair NYC (NY Foundling, Brian Adams, Daily News)
        • 7/29 WBCares in conjunction with the Princess Trust, UK Night of Champions Wales David Walker,MinterAlan RudkinBilly BackusBradleyPriceBuddy McGirtCarl FrochSkeeter McClureEddie AvothEnzo MaccinerelliGeorge Louis ChuvaloGlenn CatleyIna MenzerIran BarkleyJane CouchJohn ContehJohn H StraceyJohnny NelsonKen BuchananKevin KellyKevin LueshingLeon SpinksLloyd HoneyghanMiguel CottoMikkel KesslerMomo KosekiNaomi TogashiNigel BennPaul HodkinsonPaul IngleRichie WoodhallRobbe ReganRocco MattioliRyan RhodesScot WelshSeluk AydinShannon BriggsSharon AnyosStefan BrauneSteve CollinsSteve RobinsonTerry MarshTim WitherspoonToshiaki NishiokaVitali KlitschkoVitali TajbertVito AntuofermoWerner DittmairWladimir KlitschkoYury ArbachakovSimona Galassi, J Diamond, WBC Board )
        • 7/29 Cardiff Hospital Wales (Sharon Anyos, Misimimilious Duran, Wendy Newman, Jill Diamond, Iran Barkley, Juan LaPorte, Ann Saccurato, Cecelia, Braekhause)
        • 7/29 2 Youth Halls/Gyms with Mervyn Turner, Police and many champions
        • 7/30 Racial Equality - Cardiff Meeting with Muslim, youthful offenders (Vitalli Klitchko, Rocky, James Smith, Ernie Shaver, Fragamante,)
        • 7/29/10 UK  Llanrumney Phoenix Amateur Boxing Club Tony Richards (Miguel Angel González, Alfonso Zamora, Rafael Herrera, Humberto González, Jesse James and Yury Arbachako, Elizabeth Reyes)
        • 7/29/10 Llanedeyrw and Pentwyn Amateur Boxing Club  UK Lee Stephens(Miguel Angel González, Alfonso Zamora, Rafael Herrera, Humberto González, Jesse James and Yury Arbachako, Elizabeth Reyes)
        • 9/1/10 Queretro Orphanage - Mexico Jose Sulaiman
        • 9/10/1Children's Hospital - Mexcio City (Ana Torres, Veronica Medal, FredericoEnriquez , Ernesto De Saro)
        • 9/11/10 LA w/Adrian Hernandez & Cesar Bazan, Salvador Birman, (Children of the NIght Charity - Playboy Mansion)
        • 9/11 NYC Blythdale Children's Hospital  National Day of Observance (Ann Saccurato, A4Hope)
        • 9/23/10 Fight to Educate - Scranton, PA in cooperation with Stephen Singer
        • 9/25/10 Beyond Sports (Tony Blair, Bill Bradley, Michael Johnson ,A4Hope, Jill Diamond, NBA, NFL)
        • 9/26/10 Gift of Life NYC (Pakistan Relief and Abraham's Tent, Jill Diamond, Peter Abdool, Wm Boodhoo, Yasmin Ibrahim)
        • 9/27/10 WBC Pension Plan for 20 retired Boxers.10/1/10 Movember Prostate Cancer Support Coaliton We have synergivzed with the Prostate Cancer Fundation, A4Hope and Movember to support reseacrch.
        • 11/3/10 -  Ciudad de la Alegria  Cancun(Jose Sulaiman, DonMajesky, Irma Sanchez, Iran Barcley, Goofy Estrada, Oksana, , WBC Cares Committee, 50 members and donations of goods and medical supplies fro IADs, Elderly and orphans)
        • 11/2/10 Municiple Gym (Cancun Carlos Zarete, Goofy Estrada, Irma Sanchez, Cesar Bezan, Stephen Blea, &WBC Members  + Committee with Patches for Amatuers and WBC Scholar Program)
        • 11/21/10 Arthur Mercante Finals NYC (College Boxing Finals with NYAC, WBC Committee)
        • 12/5/10 Toy Drive San Bernadino, Ca (WBC Musuem, Rudy Tellez, Joe Noreiga, Wayne McCullugh, Big Joe...)
        • 12.7.10 - Denver, Colorado - Police Rescue Mission Fund Drive (Stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone)
        • 12/7/10 Kenny Bayless donates boxing equipment to the Cancun, Municipal Gymn after visiting there with WBC Cares.
        • 12.8.10 Casa Hogar Sonrisa de Angeles TJ (Monica Rendon, Ruddy Tellez)
        • 12.13.10 Childrens Chospital - Mexico City  (Sergio Martinez)
        • 12/18/10 Blood Drive Queens, NY (Christ the King School Sparkle Lee, David Diamente, Jill Diamond, Benjy Estevez, Michael Ortega, Melvina Lathem, Leon Spinks, John Scalesi,  Joe Dwyer, Gaspar Ortega, Tor Hamer, Derric Rossy, Jill Diamond, John Orlando, Carlos ORtiz, jr, Eddie Claudio, Eugene Grant)
        • 1/4/11 NY Golden Gloves  Support and supply
        • 1/9/11 - Japan World Champion Naomi Togashi from a s colaition of health cvare professionals to visit childrens hospitals on a rtegular basis.
        • 1/11/11 WBC Musuem, Ca Toy Drive + Legends AwardsWayne McCullough, Big Joe,Miranda, Richard Thompson, Bobby, Alberto Reyes. David Avilla, Joe Norieiga,  Luisito Espinoza, Sergio Martinez)
        • 2.09.11 WBC links with All Nations Foundations to support their work with Native American Youth in Tacoma Wshington.
        • 2/22/11 COMBATT - New Jersey Children's Program (Larry Hazard, Rhonda Uttley, Jill Diamond)
        • 2/22/11 Crit - Yucatan(Jose Sulaiman, Gilberto Keb, Jose Antonio Aguirre)
        • Feb 26th Gary Shaw Promotions, Lee Peters, Sergio Reyes, visits Veterans Hospitals in Grand Island, Nebraska
        • March 3rd Fernando Guerrero brings supplies to the Municipal Gym in Dominican Republic (Reyes, Everlast, Bayless).
        • March 9th Christy Martin and Akemi Irie, Top Rank visit Shelters for Abused + Homeless Women
        • March 10th  -  “Good Games" -  (Chop Chop Corley, Suszannah Warner , Jill Diamond + ((A4H -  Tiomnbe Hurd, Emily Janss, Carin Gabarra, Marissa Abeg, Lorenzo Alexander, Nathaniel Mills, Michael Walton, Tony Massenburg, Baltimore Blast, Joe Haynos, Chasity Melvin, Adam Nelson, Joe Brown, Jill Gilbeau))
        • March 10th: Sergio Martinez -  Celebrating Monique McClain (Along with DiBella Promotions + GBoy)
        • March 14th Suppies for Japan Peace Movement + WBC Ambassador Chisa Yamane send truckloads of goods to the devastated areas ofJapan
        • March 15 Sergio Martinez - Mexico Anti Bullying Campaign continues in Mexican media, schoois and shelters in Mexico City
        • March 15 WBC officially creates Japan Relief Fund and enlists promoters and to give a portion of ticket sales, etc.
        • March 16 Marvilla - Mexico (Sergio Martinez Boxers against Bullies) 600 children
        • March 20 Lunch with the Champs LA, California Proceeds go to the Japan Relief Fund
        • March 22 WBC, DiBella Promotions, Everlast, Reyes, Women's World Boxing, Golden Boy join together to donate funds and products for Japan Relief.
        • March 28th - Manchester Ring of Champions (Children's Mentoring) Paul Cichon
        • April 4th -WBC resumes championship fights in Japan and  brings supplies, gloves, videos and funds to Japanese Red Cross.
        • April 12th Todos Contra Mexico donates 16 sets of signed, champion gloves for Japon Relief Fund through World Boxing Cares.
        • April 21st Boys & Girls Club of Philly 50 Children (Joe Frazier, Derek + Farah Ennis, JD)
        • April 27th International Female Amateurs -Gleasons, NY (Jurgen Langos, JD)
        • May 1 Orphanage Sonrisa de Angeles Javier Mendoza, Payasito Perules, Juan Ramirez, Benjamin + Monique Rendon
        • May 3rd Honoring Keaton Wong Stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone, Denver Police Brotherhood Youth Team
        • May 7th Fundraiser for Gumersindo Vidot Philly, US (Lt. McKinney, SWAT Team Philly, Emitt Thrower, JD,)
        • May 20th - Denver Brotherhood of Police Celebrate Keaton Wong (Stephen Blea)
        • May 21st Bahay Bata Orphanage in Manilla Graduation + Scholarship Program (Bruce Mc Tavish)
        • June 7th NABF Convention Program to match funds for Tornado relief (Red Cross) USA by NABF + WBC
        • June 12th: IBHOF  -  No Bully's  -Timmy Long (7), Kassia Gober (13) , Bob + Wendy Newman, WBC Reps
        • June 13th - Brockton, Mass Commitment to Donate Rocky Marciano Statue to the community.
        • June 22nd St Michael's Gym Newark , NJ Micahel Glynn, Gulf Coast Promotions, Ossie Duran, Cornflakes
        • June 23rd Abraham’s Tent – Guyana –  (Permits approved for building of the shelter; Peter Abdul, Wm Boodhoo,) ongoing
        • June 25th Crim - Cozumel, Quintara Roo -  Humberto Soto, CMB Boxers (Soto vs Sasaki Fight)
        • June 25th Children’s Hospital San Luis Potisi Edgar Sosa
        • June 28th Tornado Relief Fund Victor Ortiz announces this at the Press Conference urging others to follow the WBC in contributing to the Red Cross.
        • July 4th SI Yankees, NY -Tickets for some lucky children with all you can eat bands and hat vouchers, thanks to the Daily News!
        • July 4th -WBC "Project Gym Pass" USA Ongoing boxing gyms across the USA and homeless/needy children (Promoter's GuildRing 8Ring Work Boxing Gym, FloridaDawg House Gym, W. VirginiaNABFKent East Boxing Club, Kent, WaStick N Move Boxing, York, PaNY FoundlingSenator BradleyAthlete's for HopeCharter Oak Boxing AcademyPAL Boxing AcademyWilliam Fichtner & FriendsRotweiller Boxing & FitnessCleto ReyesCornerstone SportsGotham Comedy Club, Harold Lederman, HBOBobby Goodman, Square RingHammond Boxing Club, IndianaMendez Gyms, NYCLa Familia Boxing, CoCruz Crew Bopxing Club, TexasShowtime Boxing, Miami, FlTiger Boxing and Fitness, TexasZamara Boxing, New MexicoIronman Gym, KentukyEl Paso Fight Club, New MexicoHoneycomb Boxing Gym, MarylandKenosha Boxing Club, WisconsinA;bilene Boxing, TexasTeam Achieve Boxing, IndianaT-5 Boxing, Sacramento, CaliforniaWolfpack Boxing Team, AZDream Machine Boxing Dream Youth Center, LA, CaGrand Avenue Gym, JTS Boxiong CLub, Laura Serrano OregonJass Boxing,Warriors FIghting Sports+Fitness)
        • 2014
        • July 9th – Induction Ceremony and Native American Belt Declared (r5udy Tellez, Jaime Ochoa, Members)
        • July 16th - Queretaro, Mexico -Children's Burn Unit (Jose Sulaiman)
        • July 18th Jose Sulaiman joins the Prostate Cancer campaign to raise money for research.
        • July 19th Jamie Wood Fund Raiser UK -David Walker, Kevin Mitchell, Michael Sprott, Tim Witherspoon, Glenn Catley, Tyson Fury, Bobby George
        • July 17th DNL Children’s Hospital , UK
        • July 23rd American Cancer Society Star Boxing - Bronx , NY (Fund raiser for American Cancer Alicia Ashley WBC World Title Fight)
        • July 24th TJ, Mexico 32 children will attend a professional wrestling match/benefit to fund surgery and medical treatment for Alondra (5yrs old) (Monique Rendon).
        • August 1st - Detroit, Mich Care and support for WIllie Edwards (Stuart Kirschenbaum, Frank Garza, WBC)
        • August 6th Make A Wish Foundation + WBC Cares join forces thanks to Stephen Blea and Ashley Garbanet.
        • August 6th Tanabata Anti Nuclear Protest (Japan Society) Chisa Yamane, Aya, JD
        • August 14th Burbank, Ca, BBQ + Fund Raiser for Burbank Boxing Youth Club (Michele Chong, Rudy Telles, Coach Steve Harpst, WBC Champeons, fighters Hector Lopez  Adam Lopez, Damien Lopez, Bryan Gonzalez, RC Young,  the “Bash Brothers” Ryan Garcia, Sean Garcia ,Jesse Villanueva.)
        • August 23rd WBC Cares donates to the Clinton Foundation (Stephen Blea)
        • August 24th - Staten Island NY -We sent 20 children and their adults to an "All You Can Eat Baseball Game"
          between the SI Yankees and the Lowell Spinners (Brian Adams)
        • August 27th - Boulder, Colorado Special Olympic Softball Team (stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone'
        • Aug 27  - Detroit Frank Garza will lead the 10 count and Eulogy for former amateur star Art Robbie.
        • August 28th – John McDonald and Manny Pacquiao – dart game at Bahay Bata to raise funds (Bruce McTavish)
        • August 30 WBC Champions visit Rehabilitation Center (Irma Garcia, Mapi, Johnny GonzlezSergio Perales, Roberto Vásquez,  Carlos Fulgencio, Caril Herrera, Gregorio Torres, Oscar González, Genaro Camargo y Pedro Melo y Sofía López)
        • September 2nd World Police & Fire Games NYC Javitz Center Joe Dwyer + JD Ambassadors for the WBC Cares Program (3,000 police + fire fighters in honor of observance 9/11).
        • September 1 Boxing Gym & Homeless Shelter -  We join with Ami Kopler & Robert Tapper to support the children's homeless shelter created in Winnipeg which encourages boxing and education for homeless children.
        • September 2 Award by WBC to Commission Ray Kelly for supporting Cops & Kids boxing program.
        • September 14th Donation of Forearm Crutches to Maputo Childrens Hospital in Honor of All Africa Games (Houcine Houichi, Sanstone Kashiba, Cezar Penalva, Malte Michaelson, Medline, Raylene Carbone, JD)
        • September 19th Casa de la Sal, Mexico City (Adrián "Confesor" Hernández, Gilberto "Zurdo "Ramírez, Carlos Cuadras, Luis "Gallito" Ceja, Horacio "Violento" García, Carlos Zárate Jr.. Además de Ghideon Buthelezi, Amilcar Funes, y Christiane Sulaiman).
        • September 20th -  UN, NYC WBC Cares joins USAid in support of their world mission of Sports as a Catalyst.
        • September 30th - Phuket, Thailand - Krabi Hospital for Children (Sadaam, Daniel Potter, Kiate Sirigul, Sadaam's Wedding Guests, Wayne Thaitanium, HipHop Performers)
        • October 5th WBC Cares joins Breat Cancer Foundation and request promoters use the Pink Ribbons at all fights
        • October 18th Launch of Movember Campaign for the PCF
        • October 19th Mexico City Casa de la Amistad Pipino, Christiane Manzur, Mauricio Sulaiman,Alfredo el “Perro” Angulo, Mariana “Barbie” Juárez, Adrián “Confesor” Hernández, Jhonny González , Humberto “Chiquita” González, César Bazán e Isaac Bustos .
        • October 21st Breast Cancer Association Foxwood Casino (DiBella, Everlast, Edwin Rodriquez, Will Rosinsky, Gabe Bracero, Daneil Sostra, JD)
        • October 22nd TJ Program to feed the Orphans (Monique Rendon)
        • October 29th Las Vegas Andre Agassi Children's Foundation JD
        • October 30th - Costa Rica Opening Of Gym (Zac Young,Jaime "El Indio" Barboza, Humberto "El Maestro" Aranda, and former WBC Light Heavyweight Champion; Donny "Golden Boy" Lalonde)
        • November 4th Manilla, Phillipines Bahay Bata Foundation Day trip/found raiser(Bruce McTavish)
        • November 10th Iran First Pro Boxing Congress +Dinner with WBCares (Reza Djabbapoor + Champions)
        • November 15 Detroit, Michigan Latino Drive Food Program (Frank Garza presents Araceli Jimenez )
        • November 18th Bronx, NYC Young Scholars, Haven Academy, Bronx, NY (Edgar Santana, Ronica Jeffrey,  JD, Brian Cohen, Amadeus, Christy Cappallino, Mark Breland, Gerald Noble, Dr. Peitro Baio, Iran Barkley, Sparkle Lee, Sean Connolly)
        • November 19thAcapulco, Mexico Revoluncio in Guerrero (Stephen Blea, Ignacio Huizar treated 12 children to gifts and attendence at the fights)
        • November 22nd TJ,Mexico Sonrisa de Angel, Food Drive + Gifts (Rendon and Ibarra Families)
        • November 20th LA, California WBC Cares Toy Drive (Rudy Tellez, Jaime Ochao, Shane Mosely, Jack Mosely, Nori Takatoni, Bill Caplan, Rudy Hernandez)
        • November 21 Cameroon, Africa Home for the Blind Children (JD, Elioie Cox, Everlast)
        • November 22 UK -Support Jamie Wood (David Walker, Vitali Klitchko + WBC Champeons)
        • November 26th Hempstead, NY -Reception for Emille Griffin (Ring 8, John McKaei, Vito, Danny Jacobs, JD, Joe Dwyer, Henry Hascup)
        • December 2nd Mexico City Universidad Iberoamericans Mexico (Christiane Manzur)
        • December 13th Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas Boys + Girls Club + SHERO WBC Board, Champions, Membership

          Ray Leonard, Larry Holmes, Juan LaPorte, Christy Martin, Tommy Hearns, Naomi Togashi, Momo Koseki, Jose Napoles, Salvador Sanchez II, Julian Jackson, Manuel Medina, Hector Camacho, Milton McCrory, terry Norris, Iran Barkley, Mariana Juarez, Jhonny Gonzalez, “Comanche Boy” George Tahdooahnippah, Chauncey Welliver, Joe Hipp, Francois Botha, Naoko Fujioka, Kenny Bayless, Sparkle Lee, Stephen Blea, Richard Green, Richard Steel, Jay Nady,  Deborah Hawkins, Raylene Carbone, Marcie Morrow, Elizabeth Reyes, Monique Rendon, Stevie Karns, Ricardo Sequeira, Alma, Pepe, Alain Flores, Veronica Medal,JD.

        • December 18th NYC RIng 8 Awards (Jill Diamond, Joe Dwyer, Manny Stewart, Roy Jones, Teddy Atlas, David Diamante, Tommy Gallagher, Marcus Brown, Luis Ruiz, Vinnie Mandalino, Iran Barkley, Juan LaPorte, Tomscz Adamek, Henry Hascup, Biob Duffy, Ralph Patrillo, Melvina Latham, Craig Metcalf, Steve Weisenfeld, Harold Lederman, Mark Breland, Joe Dwyer ....)

        • December 17th TJ Visit to Orphanage (Monique Rendon Gerulas, Ramire December 24th TJ Annual Christmas Party and Food Drive for Homeless (Monique Rendon+ Family)

        • January 4th - Paolo Hospital Thailand (Kompayak, Chatchai, Diamond Boxng)

        • January 7th  UK Poisitve Project (Marc Smith, Steve Bendall)

        • January 9th - North America World Champion Boxers Against Bullying and WBC form coaltion against Bullying (WBC Cares, Roy Foremen, Coylette James, Harris Haith, Curtis Cumbo)

        • January 18  Mexico City  Hogar de la Divina providencia (Chris Manzur, Ultiminio Ramos, Victor Manuel Rabanales, Edgar Sosa, Carlos Cuadras, Mariana Juárez, Zulina Muñoz, Esmeralda Moreno y Anabel Ortiz.)

        • January 25th Burton Booms Shelter  Mexico ( Chris Manzur)
        • January 27th - WBC Cares and Fundación Caritas de San Marón. Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua join to send food and medicine to SIerra Tatahumara in Chihuahua.
        • February 16th Mexico City -Fundacion Renace I.A.P. (Carlos Zárate, Ultiminio Ramos, César Bazán, María Elena Villalobos y Lupe Pintor, Chriastaane Manzur)
        • Feeding The Carribeam Cabofe joins forces to support this movement and series of events
        • February 22nd Arizona WBC Suypports/Attends weekend for Sports Philanthropy by UGive and A4H (Agassi, Armstorng, Bench, Jackson... Salvador Briman, Jill Diamond)
        • February 27th WBC Supports Nathan Palmer and his Walk for March of Dimes
        • March 1st WBC supports Face in the Mirror
        • March 11th Marc Smith + WBCares UK visits the London pediatric ward.
        • March 13th NYC WBCares +WCAB present Lou Dibella and Sergio Martinez Awards for their Anit-Bullying Campaign ( (Monique McClean. Harris Haith, Coylette James, JD)
        • March 22nd WBC joins with (Jose Sulaiman made Ambassador)
        • March 14th Alberta, Canada - (Fashion Show for Down Syndrom Society)
        • April 16th WCAB+WBC Cares go to Children'a Aid Society of NY
        • April24 (10th Anniversary of COMBATT)
        • April 24yth Colegio Miraflores Anti bullying Campaign Mexico
        • April 30th Mexsico City PRI for Children's Day
        • May 9th Childrens Day in Japan Chisa Yamane and WBC Team revisit the Tsunami Site and visit with the children.
        • May 14th WBC Cares/WCAB Fundraiser, Gotham NYC (Steve Farhood, Harold Ledderman, JHohn Callas, Monique McClain, Joe Mazzilli, Melvina Lathan, Boyd Melson, Larry Hazard, Rhonda Utley, Imamau Mayfield, Tamara Tunies,Pam Hall, Nucci Reyos, JDBruce Silverglade, Harris Haith, Coylette james))
        • May 19th San Diego -Cleto reyes has fund raiser for Arturo Martinez and Project Gym Pass
        • June 1 WBC Donates $5000 to care for Gerald McClellen
        • June 2 Atlantic City All Star Gala (Joe Dwyer and many WBC Champions)
        • June 5 La Casa Hogar La Divina (chris Manzur + WBCChamps)
        • June 15th Wlak against children's Cancers (Monique Rendon + Champs)
        • June 15th San diego Auctrion of autographed glove for Arturo Marinez by Cleto reyes
        • June 17th Huntington Park Eric Morales for Experiencia Deportiva by Telemund
        • June 18th Casa Hogar Florecer (Mexico City) (Chris Manzur, Anabel Ortiz, Reyes Sanchez, Gamaliel Diaz, Judith Rodriquez "el Poer" Jimenez
        • June 20th NYC, Tower 6 Raboin Center Fund Raiser + Dedication of Memorial 9/11
        • June 23rd LA, Ca Union Rescue Mission’s (URM) private “Christmas in June" Josesito Lopez
        • June 30 (SanJose, Costa Rica) Zac Young, Donnie LaLonde, Ricardo Jimenez Leiton  and their Amateur Boxing Show
        • July 1st Brooklyn, NY Fighting for Freedom (JD, Dmitri Salita,)
        • July 3rd Colorado, Red Cross for Fire Relief
        • July 5th Mexico City (
        • July 7th LA,CA Glow in the Dark (Cancer Cure) (Higgins, Kraus, JD).
        • July 10th TJ, Mexico -Haircuts for Orphans (Monica Rico + Monique Rendon)
        • July 12th – Colorado – Fund rasing for Colorado Fires (Blea, Denver Police Brotherhood)
        • July 24th Rancho Mirage, Ca Cops4Kids (Stevie Quinonez, Armando Muniz,Danny “Little Red” Lopez, Michelle Chong, Steve Harpst)
        • Julu 28th --Lincon Park,  New JerseyGospelathon  -( Harris Haith, Coylette James, JD.)
        • July 29th Glen Cove, NY Ring 8 Picnic (Joe Dwyer, Ring8)
        • August 2nd NYC Give A Dollar Please Team Fight To Walk -WC4H, Boyd Melson
        • August 10th Boxing Sparkles -Philly, USA (Back to School Supplies) Michael Tate, Eric Naranjo, JD
        • August 12th Support a Family Denver, Co (Blea)
        • August 11th Mexico City Make a dream come true Juan Marquez, Christiane Manzur
        • August 20th LA, CA ODLH Charity Golf Tournament (Mia St John)
        • August 17th Denver, USA Saddle-up Foundation Fund Raiser (JD)
        • August 21st LA, Ca. Young Neurologists, UCLA (JD)
        • September 8th Guadaljar Dream Come true Sual Alverez makes videos for ailing child
        •  September 15h Tokyo, Japan - Yokohama Rehab Center (Naomi Togashi, Yuriko Muyata, Saemi Hanagata, Chauncey Welliver) 
        • September 28th TJ -Feeding the Hungry (Monique Rendon
        • September 23rd Dedication of Statue to Brockto
        • September 22nd Visit to Brockton Amateur Fights with Athletes
        • September 22nd Richie Cappaleti dontates fight tickets to Brockton Youth
        • September 29th Hublot Auction for Boxer's Pensions and raised 1 mil dollars
        • WBC's Knock Out Breast Cancer Month
        • Oct 4th Visit to Hospital del Nino. (Adrian Hernandez Ultiminio Ramos, Bazooka Limón, Carlos Montes, Tortas Bustos and Lupe Pintor)
        • Oct 7th LA, Ca. Tony Hawks Foundation (WBC Cares Volunteers)
        • Oct. 12WBC Cares Colorado vs. Texas Amateur Boxing Show & School Supplies donations for the boxers & Tribute on behalf of WBC to former Colorado WBC Champions in celebration of the WBC 50th Anniversary.
        • Oct. 23rd Mexico  Fundacion Caritas de San Maron, annual fundraising event. 
        • Oct. 23rd Mexcio  Marino Restrepo life testimony
        • October 23rd WBC donates money for the Funeral of Keisha McCleod's sister.
        • October 25th TJ All Female Card for Breast Cancer Awareness Wombat Muay Thai Promotions
        • November 1st Gleasons and Mendez Gym become drop-off points for clothing for victims of Sandy.
        • November 7th The World Boxing Council donates $5,000 to relief fund for victoms on Sandy and encourages others to do so.
        • November 11h WBC Museum Inductions
        • November 3rd Wounded Warriors Benefit and Fight Fort Dix Army Base (Army, West Point, Airforce, WBC Cares, Combatt), Wounded Warriors
        • November 9th nyc Battle of the Badges (Police, Firemen, WBC Cares)
        • November 22nd LA, CA  Team Norris and WBC Cares deliver food for the Angels.
        • November 24th - Función de Gala de Ring Telmex, realizaron una visita al Instituto de Educación (Chris, Bazan...) 
        • December 5th Cancun We visit APAFHDEM. WBC Membership and Champions and  Michael Tat who donated many knapsacks for the children.
        • December 19th Fight for Victims of Sandy DiBella Promotions, WBC Cares, NYC
        • December 20th Cologne, Germany Manuel Charr, Malte Muller-Michalais Children's Hospital
        • Dec. 22nd Support for WCH, 90.3Voice of Harlem, NYC
        • Dec. 23rd 26 world Championship Medals and Support to the Victims of Shady Hook School.
        • Dec. 23rd We bond with Mia St John and support the Mental Health in Schools Act.
        • Dec. 23rd Robert Guerrero Food for the Need La Catedral de la fe
        • Dec. 25th Food for the Less Fortunate + A Wrestling Match for the OrphanageTJ -Rendon Family
        • Dec 25th WCAB + WBCCares Toy/Clothing Giveaway, NYJanuary 7th Thailand -Kiate Sirigul and the Magnificent 7 take B.A.D. (Boxers Against Drugs) with gifts to Fortune Town Shopping Centers for Children's Day.