terrible1Created in 2006, under the guidance of Jose Sulaiman, WBC Cares (Big Champions Supporting Little Champions), a non profit organization made up of compassionate volunteers, sends its members into hospitals, orphanages, disaster areas and youth centers to inspire by example. Although the young are our primary focus, WBC Cares also supports and partners with like-minded organization in the various countries it represents. Relying on our its athletes, officials and members to carry out our mission of caring and kindness, WBC Cares believes you don't have to be a champion to live like one.

Acerca de Nosotros
Ratificado el 10 de Octubre de 2005, World Boxing Cares del CONSEJO MUNDIAL DE BOXEO (Grandes Campeones Apoyando a Pequeños Campeones) es una organización benéfica sin fines de lucro bajo la orientación del Consejo Mundial de Boxeo. Al enviar atletas de clase mundial a centros juveniles, hospitales y orfanatorios, nosotros llevamos un mensaje de esperanza e inspiración para los niños y sus familias, así como donativos apropiados para esa institución en particular y /o evento. También proporcionamos mercancía y campeones para otras obras de caridad y programas relacionadas con celebridades del deporte. World Boxing Cares está activo en los 163 países que están afiliados al CMB, organización reguladora de BOXEO

FB: WBCCares
Twitter: WBCCares

Eternal Chair: Dr. Jose Sulaiman
World Boxing Council: Mauricio Sulaiman

International Chair: Jill Diamond

Social Media: Tanya Alverez (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

 Elizabeth Reyes - Community Outreach

Nazia Noor - International Secretary

Jose Martin Sulaiman/Mohammed Noor - Executive Committee

Christiane Manzur - Mexico Chair
Merchandise: Alain Flores


Team Leaders:
Los Angeles - Mo & Nazia Noor/Jose Martin Sulaiman
Mexico City- Chris Manzur
LA Office: Nancy Rodriguez
TJ/Ensanada – Aaron Cota/Monique Rendon
Japan – Chisa Yamane
UK - David Walker/Scott Welsch
Thailand – Kiate Sirigul/ Juck (WBC Youth Cares) 
Florida – Seymour Zivik/Zenba Sciarrino
Africa – Larry Izamoje/Celesteno Mindra
Las Vegas – Michelle Corrales-Lewis/Shannon Torres-GIlman
Europe – Irene Kostanko
Germany – Malte Michalias/Raja Amash/Kris Jan
North Carolina - Christy Martin
Mexico Office: Michel Salomon/Rodrigo Cabo
Canada – Michel Ponich
Mid East – Ahmed AMS
N. California - Martha Salazar/Blanca Guiterrez
East Europe - Olena Pobyvailo
Russia - Marina Milovanova
Colorado - Stephen Blea/Raylene Carbone
Phillipines - Bruce McTavish
Guyana - Peter Abdul
Panama - Alberto Guerra
Puerto Rico - Mercedes Vasquez-Simmons
Phoenix – Michelle Rosado
China – Amy Zhou/Yling Yling Shiming
NY - Alexis Arguelo, jr./Aldo Uribe

SCHOLAS - Hector Sulaiman
Fund - Alberto Leon

 Since it's ratification by the WBC, WBC Cares has reached around the globe to embrace children in need. We do not limit our appetite for good to just the poor and sick, but to anyone who we feel we can help. Our compassionate, volunteer members have been instrumental in not only visiting, but building shelters, gyms and most important, the health and well-being of others. It is our goal to inspire people to never surrender their dreams but instead, to approach life as champions!

Jill Diamond, Chair







Mauricio Sulaiman (Mexico)

Raylene Carbone (Colorado)

Stephen Blea (Colorado)

Martha Salazar (California)

Nazia Moor (California)

Wendy Newman (NY)

Holt McCallany (Los Angeles)

Nathan Palmer (Illinois)

Robert Diaz (California)

Leo Santacruz (California)

Nuria Escalona (Texas)

Geraldine Davis (UK)

Laura Serrano (Mexico)

Sanstone Kashiba (Cameroon)

Jamie Cantu (Texas)

Mercedes Simmons (Puerto Rico)

Alain Flores - Mexico

Chisa Yamane ( Japan )

Jelena Mrdjenovich (Canada)

Israel Vazquez (California)

Alexis Arguelo, jr. (New York)

Dr. Larry Izamoje (Africa)

Rodrigo Cabo (Mexico)

Celestino Mindra (Ugunda)

Gary Russel,jr.

Houcine Houichi ( Africa )

Rosie Perez - Brooklyn

Michelle Corrales (LV)

Kiate Sirigul ( Thailand )

Marcie Morrow ( Canada ) Monique McClaine (Conneticut) Nancy Rodriguez (California) Natalya Kuvulchuck(Ukraine )
Shaddra Borawake (India) Michele Rosado (Phonix) Oleyna Pobyvlolo ( Belgium ) Salvador Briman( Mexico )
Marina Milavonva (Russia) Stephen Blea (Colordo) Brian Reynolds (LasVegas) Aldo Uribe (New York)
Bruce McTavish (Philipines) Remi Aboderin (Ghana) Malte Muller-Michealis ( Germany ) Alberto Guerra, ( Panama )
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad (Las Vegas) Frank Garza (US) Seyour Zivik (Florida) Naomi Togashi (Japan)
Kenny Bayless (Las Vegas) Sharon Anyos ( Australia ) Irene Kostenko (Russia) Zac Young (Costa Rica)
Peter Abdul ( Guyana ) Oksana (Russia) Michael Tate, (Ca, US) Barry Lindenman (US)
Wm Boodhoo (Canada) Michele Ponnich,(Canada) Emanuel Charr (Syria) Craig Metcalf (Canada)
 Raja Amashesh (Germany)  Anson Wainsright (Wales)  Michelle Ponich (Canada)  Miguel Doforro (UK)

And Karen Briman, our guiding light…