Colorado Brotherhood

Brighton, Colorado

To whom this letter may concern,

 I am Roman Sanchez, I am a member of the youth Brotherhood amateur boxing team. I would like to thank you for the achievements Brotherhood has helped me accomplish so far in my life. Being a member of the Brotherhood boxing team I have learned that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Having that support has made a difference in my life. Brotherhood has helped me be a better person. I have stayed out of trouble by keeping my time busy with school and the gym. I could honestly say that I have respect for others and will do my best to help others that are in need. I am proud to be a member of the Brotherhood boxing team and I will always represent the Brotherhood name in a professional manner.

I have been with Brotherhood since I was eight years old and I am now eighteen. In March of 2009 I won the Colorado Golden Glove Championship as a Novice at 141 lbs and that same year I also won the Men’s USA Amateur State Championship as a Novice 141lbs. In March 2010 I won the Colorado Golden Gloves as B class at 141 lbs and also I won the State Outstanding Boxer Award. My goal next is to become a National Boxing Champion and make the USA Olympic Boxing Team in 2012.

I have devoted so much time and energy in not only being a good boxer but being a good role model for other young boxers to look up to. I have just finished high school and received my Diploma from Mountain Range High School on March 18, 2010. I have not always been a over achieving student but going through my last year of high school I noticed people looking into their careers and having great grades. I noticed how important school was, I tried to get my act together and raise my grades and grade point average, which I succeeded. I Finally notice how important school is in my life and I’m on my way to achieve the goals I set out to do.

My goals are to get a degree in Criminal Justice also to get enrolled into the Denver Police Cadet Program and become a Denver Police Officer. My family does not have money to put me through school so I am applying for financial Aid. Any scholarship money would be greatly appreciated and beneficial to help me accomplish my goals. I promise to you I will not let the Denver Police Department down and